20161108: Popularity Contest Election 2016. End Game!

Thank You God, They will shut up finally!


The Popularity Contest of this Election 2016, 3 years of lies, insults to intelligence, monies of the war mongers of the world playing everyone’s fears…

Today, Nov. 8th?? well it is suppose to end the game….

Yeah, I got my thumb out! Don’t care where as long as the humans of this planet are not there in Social Media Masses, I am sure a few are smart and care…

We fought well, but FUKUSHIMA IS THE PLANET’S DEATH SENTENCE of existing life.

100 million years from now the SPIRITUAL BEINGS CAN START OVER with life here, the planet will repair itself, it knows what to do.

Happy LANDINGS, where ever yo are and what ever YOUR BELIEFS ARE!

Lovingkindness Energy to ALL, friend & enemies.

Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016