20190115: Day 53 & my birthday too so here is another inside the Star Ship cargo area ‘Work-in-Progess’ meditation image

Yeah, I am doing another section of my Star Ship & this is coming along nicely, with many parts of different photos collage-mural together.

I have several hours of work on it yet to do, but heck I am celebrating 53 Days since fighting off the Mexican Police & locking out the San Juan de los Lagos, Jal. Mx locals to KEEP THEM from murdering me.

Good enough reason to smile!

domewindowsfor greenhouse01

Yes, a green house dome with stars& planet behind it, ah the glory of being an artist.

To see what has not been done yet…

and as seer, I too await more human horrors of arrogance.

Tesla prediction

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20181220 White Horseman cover

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JUST a 1992 reminder………

This was shot in 199220151206 legal doc_war-3134B_FB

and refused as evidence in 1993, because the mother “did not know what it was”, or as Adele said, she did not want the mother to have charges. and the mother did not want charges either.

no statue of limitations as it was NEVER ACCEPTED AS EVIDENCE. Automatic felony child abuse assault charges on Plumas County Courts though. Yep 1993. Plumas County Court system committed CHILD ABUSE.

23 years later……… you people still will not clear my name.

and yes, I came around the corner and saw my son, playing in the water one day, weeks later, the cord plugged in as it is in this photo. The cord was coming up from the center of his HEAD as I approached.

However, USA economics runs on letting courts screw up children, so I have now been tortured for 19 months to shut me up.

And as of Dec. 20, 2015, I am waiting for the LA Sheriffs to burn me down rather than even let me be a Human being.


but that is the problem with USA, if is not THE PAPER DOLLAR GOD, we don’t care.