Stars, Light Painting And Wildflowers! Mojave Desert


Red Rock Canyon wildflowers landscape fine art

Red Rock Canyon, Mojave CA. What a find! Wildflowers, was not expecting it at our lunch stop out to Trona Pinnacles. 2015

Yes, we were seeing green in the desert around us as we were driving up from LA. Small patches here and there, But this took us by surprise…..

Red Rock Canyon with wildflowers lanscapce fine art photography

Carpets of yellow wildflowers. Red Rock Canyon Mojave CA 2015

So, we stayed a little longer than planned and decided to check on the wildflowers when we came back from Trona if we had time. We were in a remote-er area and wondered what would be over the hills in the main canyons.

On to Trona Pinnacles, got the spot we wanted just in time. Couple vehicles pulled up and talked of having dozens of cars following to that spot. Explained we were doing night photography, won’t work too well. They moved on.

We set up camp and got ready to shoot sunset and stars.

Trona Pinnacles Mojave Calif lanscape fine art photography

Thin crescent moon set. Trona Pinnacles 2015

Trona Pinnacles moon set landscape fine art photography

Setting crescent moon and I think Venus in the top left corner. Trona 2015

Trona Pinnacles light painting on rocks with stars.

Looking South, orange glow is light pollution. Light painting green and purple flashes on pinnacles. Trona Pinnacles 2015

Then the clouds moved in. Could not see much myself but, you can see the effects in this photo.

Trona Pinnacles night photography light painting

Clouds moving in, softening the stars, orange glow. Trona Pinnacles 2015

So we called it a night, 2 am and shut down. Next morning, 5:30am alarm for sunrise. We figure we got 2-2.5 hours sleep.

Not much of a sunrise, coffee time.

Trona Pinnacles campsite

Ah, coffee, fresh air, even birds singing. Trona Pinnacles 2015

Then as the BIG group started showing up we realized our peace and quiet had ended.

Still while that night we had some VERY different light in our photos……

Fireworks going off behind our light painting. Trona Pinnacles 2015

Fireworks going off behind our light painting. Trona Pinnacles 2015

And during the day,

Trona Pinnacles light painting with stars landscape fine art photography

Hole shot! Found a hole to climb into. Note kids running up the hill. Trona Pinnacles 2015

Scenic Trona Pinnacles landscape

Trying to work the clouds. Trona Pinnacles 2015

Trona Pinnacles landscape fine art photography

Yes, little bit of greenery out here. Have to look careful for the flowers. Trona Pinnacles 2015

Trona Pinnacles Black & White landscape fine art photography

Playing with black and white out in the field. Later doing a conversion myself. Trona Pinnacles 2015

So it was a good trip, timing was good. The group of people and a film crew Sat. morning broke up the quiet of the place, but it is a favorite of mine to study light. Very primitive camping out there, no water. Here are some more photos from the trip.

Trona Pinnacles light panting

I use a remote trigger, so here I am walking down from checking a flash unit. Trona Pinnacles 2015

This time I'm walking down with my red light on and the flashes triggered too. Trona Pinnacles 2015

This time I’m walking down with my red light on and the flashes triggered too. Trona Pinnacles 2015

Red Rock Canyon wildflowers landscape fine art photography

Red Rock Canyon wildflowers 2015

Red Rock Canyon wildflower fine art photography

Macro of wildflower. Red Rock Canyon 2015

Trona Pinncales light painting

Light painting Trona Pinnacles 2015

Red Rock Canyon landscape wildflower fine art photography

Red Rock Canyon wildflowers. 2015

Red Rock Canyon Mojave desert wildflowers

Wildflowers, Red Rock Canyon 2015

Anyway, hope you enjoy the photos. Leave me a message in my comments if you have questions about any of the photos.

If you would like to hire me as a guide of sorts, contact me and we will see what I can arrange for you and what you want to learn about photography.

In the mean time,

Creative Shooting,



Going Photographing… Stars, Light Painting. Camping.

landscape at sunrise

Trona Pinnacles at sunrise. 2014

Photography, just can’t get enough.

My photography buddy wants to go shoot stars and get out of town.

Been almost 4 weeks since my surgery, me too! Got to get out. Flexible enough to get into and out of my tent.

So for the next few days I’ll be in the Mojave Desert shooting strange formations at Trona Pinacles.

I will be careful of my surgery, my 90 year old Dad is going too. If I make sure he can walk where I go, I won’t be pushing myself too much. Not taking a lot of equipment so I won’t try carry too much.

Everyone is reminding me to be careful.

But, I do hope to bring back some interesting and maybe even great photos to share with you all.

There are other photos in my earlier posts about my photography adventures in the Trona Pinnacles and Red Rock Canyon areas.

black and white landscape Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon, Mojave Desert Calif. 2014

Light painting, Milky Way stars night landscape

Light painting, Trona Pinnacles. 2014

So stay tuned, I’ll try to get a post up Saturday or Sunday.

Till then,

Creative Shooting,