20180320: MATH of ESP, discussion on defective gene pool. Why ‘thinking’ is important. ISS Phase 2 stuff.

Yeah, totally mean of me to point out how the churches & governments want you to have defective children…


20180220: Phase 2 of Int. Space Station: short video of planning phase 1 & development of the next step.

I discuss the idea of my understanding USA government would in time refuse to keep the International Space Station going and try to remove it…

USA is a fascism government, corporations & profits are more important the the humans working in the corporations.

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20171107: Math of ESP, Time Travel & Words…

OK, as I continue on in these short 15 minutes discussions, I point out how the words used to describe events are the limiting factor, i.e. most humans know of “time Travel from sci-fi stories. Therefore they accept “conspiracy theories” without thinking about what is really trying to take place.

Yes, I do not get any prettier, just an old ugly man.

Enjoy. More coming too.

20171027:MATH of ESP, TIME TRAVEL…

OK, I got this going pretty good now, and trying to keep it simple.

I hate listening to people who know very little but use “BIG words”, insults and Not data backed ideas to put forward their ideas…

So I am trying to keep it simple and lighthearted.

Explaining what REAL Time Travel would be, not what science-fiction/movies & science like to claim.

Part 1



Time Travel Explained Part 2

20170114: Making Planets!

planet two A

Still doing the “fun & games” playing with the design process, but having fun designing some planets for a video project now in discussions.

And diving DEEPER into the video editing world… oh my, my… too child like Loving to learn.

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20161108: Popularity Contest Election 2016. End Game!

Thank You God, They will shut up finally!


The Popularity Contest of this Election 2016, 3 years of lies, insults to intelligence, monies of the war mongers of the world playing everyone’s fears…

Today, Nov. 8th?? well it is suppose to end the game….

Yeah, I got my thumb out! Don’t care where as long as the humans of this planet are not there in Social Media Masses, I am sure a few are smart and care…

We fought well, but FUKUSHIMA IS THE PLANET’S DEATH SENTENCE of existing life.

100 million years from now the SPIRITUAL BEINGS CAN START OVER with life here, the planet will repair itself, it knows what to do.

Happy LANDINGS, where ever yo are and what ever YOUR BELIEFS ARE!

Lovingkindness Energy to ALL, friend & enemies.

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