20161023: Nature B/W photos, Sunday Fun!


Ancient Bristlecone Pine. Several thousands of years old tree. At almost 12,000ft of elevation on the White Mountains in Southern Calif.


Dead tree. Hidden Valley Joshua Tree Nation Park, Southern Calif.


Passing storm, Mono Lake. California.


Reflections, Eastern Sierras, California


Storm Clouds. Eastern Sierras, California.


Wild flower portrait. Trona Pinnacles, Searles Lake, Mojave, California


Contrasts. Trona Pinnacles, Searles Lake, Mojave, California.


Weston Cliffs, Red Rock Canyon, Mojave, California


Weston Cliffs 2, Red Rock Canyon, Mojave, California.


Angles and Pebbles, Valley of Fire, Nevada.

All photography copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016

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20160815 Julia with shirt

My cousin Julia and one of the shirts she ordered.

Photographic images copyrighted Vanderhoof Photography 2016



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Lovingkindness energy to ALL.

Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016


20160707 What do you deny?

Red rock who do you deny-8568FB

Walking into the Lion’s den…
Not a happy thought, and not something to desire, even the lion tamer has his doubts.
I am 58 yrs. old. and I have a 56 yr vow to the CREATOR, that I WILL act with responsibility at a time when I wHAVE walk into the lion’s with I doing because I am responsible to do so.
I was two years old and the challenge of a spiritual path was no issue, I did not get any day to day play book.
I knew I would trials to go through, to prove to ME, I was worthy of the effort I would be called on. However I would have no close friend or person of deep trust. No person would be in my life for long that I could develop a trusting bond with. Part of the job, so to speak.
I would have the ability to beat the Devil, Satan…
If such a being existed, I was to bring it to Spiritual or Energy Realms to be examined and then if necessary We would give it a universe of it’s own. “CHAOS” must provide for ALL POSSIBILITIES. And souls can not be destroyed, what ever Satan or Devil is it must be at least given a universe it’s own to control while the Energies examine it. At lest a few billions of this Devil/Satan.
My life is at the point I have entered the lion’s den. the things told to me, shown to me and those tools and instruments I needed to learn to handle in this physical body, have happened. Enough free will is in play, with personal experiences, I can only hope to meet the the Exit door on time.
I had no DESIRE to enter the lion’s den.
I have the responsibility to enter and do a professional job in this lion’s den.
Would any human being who is offered wealth in an amble supply turn down the money, and how many of those would feel the desire to do a Professional Job?
Not just “Take the Money and Run.”
As the levels of corruption in the modern economic scene of the world, tells everyone is Much better BEHAVIOR?
Now I don’t spend a lot of time in LinkedIn & yes I have a Facebook presence I maintain. I was building on LinkedIn to get away from FB, and do my world tour Spiritual journey. Into the Lion’s den journey.
Now I don’t mind humor & laughs, but if every attempt to address the environment shall be over ridden by materialism/physical pleasure, how much longer can you post “hug me”.
So those of you who think I am mean or evil…..
I am doing a job, prophecy by the HUMANS of this planet.
You ASKED For It. the Spirits have delivered.

A memory of my truck Trona Shooting Star!

20160615 VIDA uploads-1478FB

Yes, the roof rack of my truck is in the photo. Trona Pinnacles, a favorite of my spiritual ventures, I guess I have to update the Trona Pinnacles E-Book. Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016

And the sword of Orion is hanging from his belt in the upper left corner too! The 1st star pattern I learned as a child.

Creative shooting everyone!

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