20171108: Math of ESP, Time & Placement

While I am still discussing time travel issues here, I am setting the stage to go into “Miracles” in the next couple of videos.

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This is what the governments/churches/corporations & other control freaks do NOT want you to learn about!


20171107: Math of ESP, Time Travel & Words…

OK, as I continue on in these short 15 minutes discussions, I point out how the words used to describe events are the limiting factor, i.e. most humans know of “time Travel from sci-fi stories. Therefore they accept “conspiracy theories” without thinking about what is really trying to take place.

Yes, I do not get any prettier, just an old ugly man.

Enjoy. More coming too.

20171107: Math of ESP, words & limiting yourself by them.

Moving along in this series, I am addressing the “What & How people make sure you only use their words so that you are limited in what you can say or discuss or understand.

Again, I am doing 15 minutes or less to fit on Youtube & be easier to digest.

Questions are welcome, insults will be reflected back on you.

Enjoy & have a good day.

20171027:MATH of ESP, TIME TRAVEL…

OK, I got this going pretty good now, and trying to keep it simple.

I hate listening to people who know very little but use “BIG words”, insults and Not data backed ideas to put forward their ideas…

So I am trying to keep it simple and lighthearted.

Explaining what REAL Time Travel would be, not what science-fiction/movies & science like to claim.

Part 1



Time Travel Explained Part 2

20171026: MATH of ESP Charlatan/FAKE prophecy IMAGE.

I am pointing out how for most people the “Image of a Bible preacher standing up in front of a crowd screaming “Hell, Fire & Brimstone” is the common idea  of a prophet.

Nothing could be FARTHER from the truth.

Nikola Tesla was a prophet & he was hated by the government & corporations.

Edisonon Tesla

Tesla & cellphone


Yes, so when you stop and look at things, what do you have?

This “fighting” that, everyone screaming “FAKE NEWS, FAKE PHOTOS, FAKE REPORTS”…

you have met your prophecies.

my take on it and why you need to change the IMAGE!