20170316: A new Flag Flies! Human Rights…

I have for years considered a shield/flag for myself… my family line…


I do have a son & while MY father is unknown, I am father to my son and fight for his Human Rights as well as my own and any of the oppressed of the planet!

So last night I created this…

Enjoy and happy creating.

Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2017

20161017: B/W Conversion E-book update.


I am had at work on this, but with 4 photos done and in the book, and 30 pages so far, yeah 15 photos is going to take some thing to do right!

But cheap and sleazy was never my style…. I will run a coupon when it is done fro for HAVING GOT IT DONE!

Creative shooting everyone.

20160907: Color knock out lesson


From the Quinta series, I am working on the e-book and this is a favor photo of mine.

The tiles are too busy both in black & white and in Color.

But in the e-book I wanted you to see both. Putting a insert of the tiles by themselves was my first idea, but it just did not have that effect I wanted.

With this color knockout, I get want I wanted. It calms the image down. Just enough color for the mind to perceive the colors, a set of special tiles different  in the center, B/W or color it stood out. So by changing those tiles it does just that, sets them apart but does just calm down the whole image.

You have to kind of look at the image to realize those 5 tile are color while the rest is black& white. They don’t jump out at you.

The rest of the image is busy in black & white, but just a touch of color settles it all down.

I enjoy helping people so please feel free to ask questions or leave comments below.

Creative shooting folks!

Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016

20160907: Depth of field lesson, flower pod fun!


In this photo, you can see that the colors are very similar but by dropping my depth of field, the leaf & spiny seed pods stand out and are interestingly grabbing your eye.


Here is the same depth of field but a more radically different background.


In this shot I should have tighten it just a bit more, so the forward seed pods were in focus too. However the effect of the pods as center of attention is maintained.


A bee came into this shot and as you can see on the seed pods the forward more parts are out of focus. Motion of the bee entering the frame and being in front of the focus  “depth of field keeps the bee blurred and interesting, while not so blurred as to be unrecognizable.


A second later I have the shape bee in frame as it landed. Note that the back of the bee is passing out of the depth of field.


To isolate this stalk yet not have a tall skinny nothing happening photo, again depth of field is used. The front leave is slightly closer to focus, by adjusting my focus just in front of the flower stalk, getting the flower stalk in focus, but letting the branch about the same distance behind the flower stalk be more out of focus. You can see the tiny piece of leaf in the lower left side is in focus, between the front big leaf fingers.

Bokeh, is obvious as the light forms the circles in the distance back where it breaks through the trees.


here I wanted to isolate the single strand on the fence. I did use some Lightroom adjustments to help do this. However, shot at an angle to get a decent background I still had a higher f/stop, and just used a tighter zoom setting on the 28-75mm Tamron f/2.8 lens, to help me put the depth of field in where I wanted it. You know there is a river and trees behind it. But they do not distract as much, while the dark to light crossing transition flows with the climbing of the vine up in the fence/photo.

I always love helping people, so please feel free to ask questions & leave comments below.

All photographs copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016.

Creative shooting folks!