20171130: One model photo, 4 versions, Photoshop demostration

Here in town I get a lot of requests of people having photos of family, boyfriend or girlfriend in USA & a local wants a better background on the photograph.

So I did a quick Photoshop demo to print out showing that I took one image of a woman & made 4 different treatments to that same image. With a single poster printout, I have 4 styles of one shot to show customers.

Photoshop work.

HOWEVER folks we Professional & Artists have been doing this LONG BEFORE ADOBE PHOTOSHOP was created.

2017 Nataly 4up background demo_FB

In 1993 I took a photograph of the Newspaper Publishing Co building with really beautiful clouds in sky behind it. About a month later, the parking lot in front was coated with a fresh coat of tar and one of the other staff had shot it just an hour later when no one was parked on it and everything was very clean.

I happened to see that both my photograph & the other person’s photograph were shot near the same area so it was an “easy” job of putting my sky in his “clean Publishing building” shot.

So some 6 hours of work “sandwiching the two negatives together” to make one image in a WET Darkroom. Next morning when the Owner of the publishing company came in I showed him the Black & white photograph print. He liked it, thanked me and walked off with it.

A week later I saw a new stack of sale person folder sitting on the Sales Dept manager’s desk as I walked by. Yeah, you guessed it, I saw my “sandwiched PHOTO” was on the cover of those handout folders for customers.

In 1974 with my 1st WET darkroom I was doing this at 2 am in the morning instead of sleeping for school later in the morning. Long history of having artistic fun!

So darkrooms & combining artistic work & photographs are about 180 years old folks.

Photoshop is the “new fangled name”, that is all.

Hope you like the pretty lady, a model in Southern California I show in 2014 & the different treatments of her portrait.

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20161017: B/W Conversion E-book update.


I am had at work on this, but with 4 photos done and in the book, and 30 pages so far, yeah 15 photos is going to take some thing to do right!

But cheap and sleazy was never my style…. I will run a coupon when it is done fro for HAVING GOT IT DONE!

Creative shooting everyone.

20160907: Color knock out lesson


From the Quinta series, I am working on the e-book and this is a favor photo of mine.

The tiles are too busy both in black & white and in Color.

But in the e-book I wanted you to see both. Putting a insert of the tiles by themselves was my first idea, but it just did not have that effect I wanted.

With this color knockout, I get want I wanted. It calms the image down. Just enough color for the mind to perceive the colors, a set of special tiles different  in the center, B/W or color it stood out. So by changing those tiles it does just that, sets them apart but does just calm down the whole image.

You have to kind of look at the image to realize those 5 tile are color while the rest is black& white. They don’t jump out at you.

The rest of the image is busy in black & white, but just a touch of color settles it all down.

I enjoy helping people so please feel free to ask questions or leave comments below.

Creative shooting folks!

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20160830: Breaking Free!

20160829 street & storm photos-6015FB

As a newspaper photo editor I tend to like tight crops.

As an artist, I go the other way leaving a lot of the fuller frame in.
Which in this shot was too much either way, had to have the barbed in and the intense greenery, but not as much as the full frame caught.
I think I got the idea here, rich red color of the flower in the middle of lots of green leaves of various shapes & hues, plus the barb wire. 30mm, f/6.3
A good lesson of using bokeh effectively.

I give photography lessons, so Please as questions whenever one strikes you. I’m one of the people who don’t believe in “a dumb question” phrase, you ask, it should be answerable by some one. Many not be one’s cup of tea to answer a question but it still is not dumb to ask.

Bokeh:the visual quality of the out-of-focus areas of a photographic image, especially as rendered by a particular lens.

Creative shooting folks!

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