Cee’s B&W Challenge: Fences & Gates

Been a little while since doing one of Cee’s B&W challenges, life is busy.

But always love to share, specially Black & White!

Some fences & gates & a window wrought iron work from San Juan de los Lagos, Jal MX.


20160715 Ricardo casa B-W-4914_FB

20160715 Ricardo casa-4957_BW_FB

some living fences posts!

20160715 Ricardo casa-4968_BW_B_FB

20160715 Ricardo casa B-W-4983_FB

Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2017


Thanks as always to Cee!

CEEs black-white-banner


20171102: Dia de la Muertos, San Juan de los Lagos

20171102 Dia de Muertos-9936_FB

Local fun & Dia de la Muertos celebrations.

20171102 Dia de Muertos-9962_FB

20171102 Dia de Muertos-9930_FB

20171102 Dia de Muertos-9929_FB

Still got editing to do folks, had to toss a couple of them up for the night!

Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2017

My Street, Street Photography, my roots……

While snap shoots of travel was my true beginning.
Street photography was my playground when I got my first darkroom at 16. In school during the day. Job after school. Camera in my backpack, shooting as I walked around the city. Often having the most time when I was coming home later at night.

Street photography photo101

Street photography, now digital and color….memories of black/white beginning. Still a challenge. 2015

Sorry to all my readers, which I know is not many yet, but I’ve been busy with stuff for my Dad and me to do some traveling.

More coming,


Home is where the Heart is!

Ah, day one…..Home?

Sunrise over harbor. #Photo101

View from the balcony of my Dad’s condo, my home for a while. Sunrise over LA Harbor. 2015

I moved around a lot, specially when I was young. So being close to nature or being able to see the beauty displayed without prejudices around the world, Home is in my heart.

Spent a lot of time in the Sierra Nevada mountains, things changed and now I live in So. Cal. with my 90 year old father. He is still active enough to travel and I just changed careers. So I may be close to broke and busy building a business, but Dad’s got travel plans and I’ve got a passport in progress. Not sure where this journey will take me, but that never stopped me from walking around the corner. Hope you decide to follow along.

For those of you just visiting my blog without knowing what Photo101 is. It is an exercise to help build a better blog.

To All who visit;

I hope you enjoy your stay and that I inspire you to create something beautiful to you. And then share it.

Posts earlier this year tell of the career change for those interested.

Creative shooting,