Well now you know why people like to travel with me…

truck front_side_rt_MG_7167

I don’t get ruffled for long it gets weird or crazy or different than planned.

I roll with the flow, very TAOIST of me, but hey, life happens…….

oh product quality performance…… Pelican 1610 case, not any real damage, only a mirror inside got broken, that I can tell. But it was on an impact point…..

anyway, like my son says, wow, lots of drama……..

Me, I say, nothing boring here, I GOT A LIFE!

It does at times get a bit much……

the spiritual thing I did was something I don’t think anyone but me will ever understand it. AND I DO NOT figure that MY CREATOR is wrong in saying I never would. It was a time and place thing, very personal, but like Revelations 2:17 says ‘THE CHRIST” awards this new name to those that hear the SPIRIT. Which means I know what “THE CREATOR” wants to the best of my interpretation and no one will be ANY CLOSER.

So yes, as life happens, even an accident, I will go with the flow.

Why get mad??? Yes, I was doing the dumb thing of pushing myself to hard, but why get mad about it??? Change my habit a little next time, But I was looking for a pull off and amusingly yes just past the debris of my wreck was a pullout….. just miss it by inches folks…..

Damn, that close! maybe next time I will make it, instead of the TV crowd just changing the channel or laughing, I was trying and that is;


Read my poem on “Artist”, ride with me and it just might get interesting!!!!

OPEN For business soon……. hunting the illusive photos of Central Mexico!

any one spiritual and adventurous????

email me.


heck, I even have my BRAND NEW  Vasque Breeze 2 boots on!!! Was wearing the old during the accident, guess I will change over to walk a new mile or 2……..