20161023: Nature B/W photos, Sunday Fun!


Ancient Bristlecone Pine. Several thousands of years old tree. At almost 12,000ft of elevation on the White Mountains in Southern Calif.


Dead tree. Hidden Valley Joshua Tree Nation Park, Southern Calif.


Passing storm, Mono Lake. California.


Reflections, Eastern Sierras, California


Storm Clouds. Eastern Sierras, California.


Wild flower portrait. Trona Pinnacles, Searles Lake, Mojave, California


Contrasts. Trona Pinnacles, Searles Lake, Mojave, California.


Weston Cliffs, Red Rock Canyon, Mojave, California


Weston Cliffs 2, Red Rock Canyon, Mojave, California.


Angles and Pebbles, Valley of Fire, Nevada.

All photography copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016

20160529 Mono Lake storm Black/White, stunning clouds!

20160529 bw Mono Lk photo post-9389FB

Mono Lake 2015, I had this storm as a friend all of my 1,500+ mile road trip. So many interesting shots, I may make a e-book of these images. Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016

Yes, the color are dramatic, but I like that the b/w focuses you on the cloud formations and rough surface of the tufa structures.


20160325: Storm clouds over Mono Lake, Calif. teaser…

20160325 Zenfolio uploads-ghost-Mono-9309FB

Mono Lake, as I was leaving the area. Storm clouds with so much drama. Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016

Some more of those dramatic wild storm clouds over Mono Lake, Calif.

20160325 Zenfolio uploads-ghost-Mono-9334FB20160325 Zenfolio uploads-ghost-Mono-9326FB

20160325 Zenfolio uploads-ghost-Mono-9337FB

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