20161023: Nature B/W photos, Sunday Fun!


Ancient Bristlecone Pine. Several thousands of years old tree. At almost 12,000ft of elevation on the White Mountains in Southern Calif.


Dead tree. Hidden Valley Joshua Tree Nation Park, Southern Calif.


Passing storm, Mono Lake. California.


Reflections, Eastern Sierras, California


Storm Clouds. Eastern Sierras, California.


Wild flower portrait. Trona Pinnacles, Searles Lake, Mojave, California


Contrasts. Trona Pinnacles, Searles Lake, Mojave, California.


Weston Cliffs, Red Rock Canyon, Mojave, California


Weston Cliffs 2, Red Rock Canyon, Mojave, California.


Angles and Pebbles, Valley of Fire, Nevada.

All photography copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016

Hum….I been busy, building the business.

Setting moon at Trona Pinnacles Mojave Desert

Crescent moon with Venus and star (?) setting at Trona Pinnacles 2015

I’m not avoiding everyone, just been setting up the admin stuff for Google and other parties to help me learn to track my website usage/visits.

Since I am building a business that will let me travel with my 90 yr. old father around the world (his love of life, see his map in earlier post), I have a lot of things to do. (yeah, I’m chasing travel stuff on the internet for him too, coffee breaks, so to speak.)

Since this a NEW business, I got a lot of work to do to make it happen locally as well. Got pay to play, so I’m accepting requests for local work. (is you head spinning yet?)

AND OF COURSE, I’ve got to shoot photos and do photography business and blogging as well. (sometimes I remember to eat and sleep)

So the photo is a kind of burning the midnight oil, kind of thought for this post. Shot with my Tamron SP 70-200mm Di VC USD with the 2x tele-converter  at Trona Pinnacles last week.

I got a couple posts in the works, hopefully I have one up later today, some photo challenges I’ve entered.

Till then,

Creative Shooting,


Going Photographing… Stars, Light Painting. Camping.

landscape at sunrise

Trona Pinnacles at sunrise. 2014

Photography, just can’t get enough.

My photography buddy wants to go shoot stars and get out of town.

Been almost 4 weeks since my surgery, me too! Got to get out. Flexible enough to get into and out of my tent.

So for the next few days I’ll be in the Mojave Desert shooting strange formations at Trona Pinacles.

I will be careful of my surgery, my 90 year old Dad is going too. If I make sure he can walk where I go, I won’t be pushing myself too much. Not taking a lot of equipment so I won’t try carry too much.

Everyone is reminding me to be careful.

But, I do hope to bring back some interesting and maybe even great photos to share with you all.

There are other photos in my earlier posts about my photography adventures in the Trona Pinnacles and Red Rock Canyon areas.

black and white landscape Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon, Mojave Desert Calif. 2014

Light painting, Milky Way stars night landscape

Light painting, Trona Pinnacles. 2014

So stay tuned, I’ll try to get a post up Saturday or Sunday.

Till then,

Creative Shooting,