20170718: New Toy! Graphic creative Fun!


OK, this is just to show what kind of silly “Far Out Design” abilities I have here.

A simple logo of elements or a a special wreath of some design is all possible.

I just got this and was playing around last night, I have 1000s of elements to use, or can create to use my own “special elements” in this program.

Several setting of how many times the pieces are copied around the circle too so while this is 6 sided, 4 or just 2 is possible .


Woman and rain shower

And yes, they can be transparently added to other images.

sorry I just happen to love the overall of this image… the idea of adding some words in the banners is just too obvious to me & the fun of these flowers in this arrangement, well I am a nature & landscape photographer!

20170718 floral wreath test


2016 Mandala Coloring E-book for children & Adults! Just $3 for unlimited printing of pages.

Link to download this PDF E-BOOK:  https://goo.gl/jCC3vs

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30 designs on 2 different background, single page printing allowed.


coloring book page 15

Cafe La Taberna mandala 02

Cafe La Taberna mandala 03

Cafe La Taberna mandala 01

Just trying to get all Christmas cash myself folks!

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