20180203: Dia de la Candelarai poster #3 in San Juan de los Lagos, Mexico

So the Feb 2 event is over & after in some cases walking for 30 days to get here, Dia de la Candelaria is over.

Thursday night I had a good place to see the light show on the “Saint’s Church” and made this poster of it. The big center photo is of the “Saint’d Object” in side the church itself.

20180202 Dia de la Candelaria_02FB

Photos & graphic design by me in the ‘wee’ hours of the morning & on sale Friday afternoon.

Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2018

20180127: Dia de Candelaria in San Juan de los Lagos poster #1

Well, the pilgrims are coming so yep, time to design new posters.

20180127 San Juan Candelaria_01FB

yes, I did go inside to photograph the “religious object”.

Then got out quickly.

Seeing homeless, cripples, people on their knees, people coming in to pray for help in rags while the church brags of all the wealth that they are with all the gold…

Sorry folks, I have Revelations 2:17 so personally I know the “Gods” are not pleased by such things.

But 1000s of years of the churches (yes all churches of all religions) of this kind of practice, I am not going to even try to change them now, sure way to get killed by someone somewhere.

Some of these people will be walking for 2 or 3 weeks before getting here.

Based on the number of bandaged knees & ankles so far seen, their walk is a long hard one, let them enjoy their visions & miracles where possible.

Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2018


20171209: Dancing in the night.

These are some brave souls. Bloody cold & windy but they did their thing beside the San Juan de los Lagos “Saint’d Church.

20171209 dancing church plaza-0356_FB

20171209 dancing church plaza-0381_FB

20171209 dancing church plaza-0403_FB

Just a little color in the chill night air.

Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2017

20170921: San Juan de los Lagos 2018 Calendar #3 Saint’s Church

2018 San Juan Photos Calendar_02FB

Some different photos and effects, so there is now 3 versions of this calendar.

I can mail it from here myself so you can place the order here on this website. International mailing from here will vary in costs, but I do have the “PayPal Donation Button”, so if you want a 12 x18 inch poster sent to you worldwide, comment to me below or send me an email with you Country & mailing zip code so I can figure out the postage cost. It currently takes somewhere around 25 days of mail travel time to send a package to the USA, so all paid orders will be filled and shipped with at least 30 to 40 days before arrival at your door.

Contact email: vanderhoofpeter@yahooo.com

$9.95 (US$) PLUS postage ($15 to $20+ US$$) for a 12 inch x 18 inch 2018 calendar on 80lb business card stock paper.

Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2017

20160301: Spiritual Being, Lady de los Lagos, confirmed.

San juan de los Lagos

The Church of the Lady of San Juan de los Lagos, if you concentrate on this photograph and try to connect with this entity, and tell “Her” that you are my “Amigo”, you may receive a personal visit. I do not order “The Lady” to do so. But the Entity is aware I pay all Spiritual energy bills, and may connect wherever on the planet It wants to. Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016

If sincere in your request…

20160423: Well in reality, you can tell the local Spirit you Pray to that you are my “amigo”, any place on the planet, of any religion or spiritual practice. If you are sincere, your spirit can draw as much energy as needed to touch you personally. I am an energy conduit for ALL SPIRITS, including my ENEMIES.

OK, so I am spiritual being, on a spiritual journey on this planet. In 1960, I made a “SPIRITUAL VOW” to the Creator of this Universe, to never be a Part of ANY OF THE RELIGIONS OF THE BIBLE or it’s history.

In 1987, on a spiritual mission on my own to find this “Devil”, “Satan”, that so many humans BLAME people’s bad behavior on, I went into the mountains and summoned this “DEVIL”.

Satan, “DEVIL”,  has never made an appearance of any kind. Last year, I closed that door. However, while I was in spiritual mode on the mountain, the Christ Entity made an unusual act. While Christ knows I have a vow to his boss to, he performed Rev. 2:17. A white stone with a name that only Christ and I may KNOW. I had to sit down and read a Bible to learn of what his action was.

I was insulted, my vow…… years of meditations on it and I have an answer for myself. I am not afraid of Christ, we are friends. However he did nothing wrong, and neither did I.

He marked me as BEING very Spiritual and connected to the Creator of the Universe.

I am use to seeing spiritual stuff, so to have “The Lady of San Juan de los Lagos, come to me and offer me to visit her shrine was of amusing interest. But I informed her of my vow, spiritual being to spiritual being, she understood and did not take offense.

However, I come from sterile Los Angeles, and in now living with lots of New diseases. So in Feb. I got sick from the children (kids shares colds faster than anything else), got well, got hit again, then we have to work on the sewer system, I got hammered.

I take care of myself, so when at 3:30 am I woke to the realization my lungs were filling fast and I did not have time to not do something, I opened my healing hands and began curing myself. By sunrise my lungs were clearing, I could breath. I spent the next couple going into healing hands mode and applying to myself.

Yeah, the Lady came back to SEE me……  some 24 hrs after I did the healing hands on myself.

While I won’t go into the vision dream to much, I was lead to a farmyard, attacked by loving fawns and older deer, and children. The Unconditional loving energy was thick around me. Then I felt the presence of The Lady of San Juan de los Lagos. I turned and looked at a Spiritual Being, void of any church marking, beaming approval of my healing myself. again NO CLAIM ON ME, just approval. I was asked how many deer were around me,  I counted and said 5. The children were laughing and playing on top of me and the deer.   The number 5 is a number in Tarot cards of trials and spiritual work in progress. This place is a spiritual trial for me.

Yes, she sent me energy… BACK in response to my sending The Lady energy several weeks prior. I give energy to Spiritual Beings, I am Unconditional lovingkindness energy, I do not care if that Spiritual Being is other than my beliefs. They are, I must.

So if you want to find a place with a Spiritual Being in residence,  San Juan de los Lagos, does HAVE A REAL SPIRITUAL BEING to reach out to.

I have confirmed it. Personally, not just listening to a story.

The history is a little bit different from story to story, but Wiki states:

The sanctuary’s history begins in 1543 when Father Miguel de Bologna, a Spanish priest, brought a statue of the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception to the village. The town was then called San Juan Mezquititlan Baptist but its name was changed to San Juan de Los Lagos in 1623.[3] According to local histories, and some eyewitness accounts, a certain aerial acrobat was traveling along the Camino Real, “the Royal Highway,” from San Luis Potosí to Guadalajara, performing in the towns along the way. His act included his wife and two daughters. His stunts included swinging from one high point to another by means of ropes, in somewhat the same fashion as trapeze artists of today. To add excitement and an element of danger, the artists had to fly over swords and knives that were stuck in the ground with their points positioned upward.

While performing in the village, the younger daughter, a child of six or seven, slipped, fell upon the knives and was mortally wounded. After preparing the body and wrapping it in burial cloths, the grieving parents brought the child’s body to the chapel of Our Lady of San Juan for burial.

Meeting them at the door of the chapel was the 78-year-old Ana Lucia, the wife of Pedro Antes (the caretaker and custodian of the beloved statue). Feeling pity for the grieving family, she exhorted them to have confidence in The Virgin, who could restore the child to them. Taking the statue from its altar in the sacristy where it had been consigned because of its poor condition, Ana Lucia laid it near the child’s dead body. In a few moments, they detected a slight movement under the shroud. The parents quickly unwrapped the cloth to discover the child well and unharmed. This first miracle of Our Lady of San Juan de Los Lagos became known in neighboring villages and towns. Numerous other miracles and favors followed, until now Our Lady is venerated by pilgrims from throughout Mexico and the United States.[4]

Following this miracle, the statue began to be venerated by an increasing number of pilgrims including Indians, Spanish and mestizos. During this period the statue acquired its own local identity as Our Lady of San Juan de los Lagos. Between the early 17th century and the middle of the 19th century a pilgrimage fair was held each year on November 30 to celebrate the original installation of the statue in the shrine.