20171004: A Little more like Home…

I have been busy, as you can see, I can now cook food in a semi kitchen area.


Yes, that cooking hot plate arrangement is wired together to keep it stable, but to be able to cook and have room for doing so & a place to clean dishes is very nice.

Shelves on the wall even to keep things out where I can see them instead of having to hunt around in this box or that box.  I grew up sailing and did consider sailing around the world solo. So yes I can use my laundry hanging system, the wet stuff goes over the sink till it stops dripping. Also I have the water cooler set up so I don’t have to try to filter my  tap water any more. (just behind the stove)

I also have my wire rack set up for going outside and selling on the street. I did this the other day and spent several hours out there. I did not sell anything, (did not expect too), I am just getting people use to seeing me out there.

The people who did stop and look or read my sign over the doorway made the day worth it and a success. I have owned a dozen businesses, never expect to be an overnight Success. But build it up by being there. I have run business for others some of whom never learned that lesson and complained that running a business was too hard…

I will start being out on the street outside the building several hours a day, on at least Thursday thru Sunday when the main tourist days are.


So, while life is not great, I do survive. One step after another gets you to the end of the journey…

I hope this helps others to understand & survive their struggles in life.

The flavor in life comes not from always getting your way.

But from being able to say “Wow, I survived once again!”

What an adventure life is when you live it!

Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2017

Home is where the Heart is!

Ah, day one…..Home?

Sunrise over harbor. #Photo101

View from the balcony of my Dad’s condo, my home for a while. Sunrise over LA Harbor. 2015

I moved around a lot, specially when I was young. So being close to nature or being able to see the beauty displayed without prejudices around the world, Home is in my heart.

Spent a lot of time in the Sierra Nevada mountains, things changed and now I live in So. Cal. with my 90 year old father. He is still active enough to travel and I just changed careers. So I may be close to broke and busy building a business, but Dad’s got travel plans and I’ve got a passport in progress. Not sure where this journey will take me, but that never stopped me from walking around the corner. Hope you decide to follow along.

For those of you just visiting my blog without knowing what Photo101 is. It is an exercise to help build a better blog.

To All who visit;

I hope you enjoy your stay and that I inspire you to create something beautiful to you. And then share it.

Posts earlier this year tell of the career change for those interested.

Creative shooting,