20180310: Intelligence: How smart Humans should try thinking.

For 58 years I have walked this planet knowing that humans with their arrogance of “being SO smart” will kill themselves off along with most all life on the planet BEFORE I DIED. I am 60 years old.

At this point that is now the ONLY OPTION humans have left, short of a “Real Miracle”.

Kind of sad to see such arrogance, but that is human nature.

Even my creating the International Space Station was done with the idea that in the future I would have a chance to step back into the “stole idea” & try to save humans.

At this point the “Gods” of your planet are trying to find a way to get me to care enough of humans to save a few of your asses. So far they have only shown me more and more of the HUMAN ARROGANCE & a couple of humans who might be worth it to save as long I can also heal my son enough that he wants to join me in getting off the planet.

Otherwise, you are out of luck.

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20180303: What is “Smart?”

20180303 who has a problem

With some many people in the world, screaming don’t talk, don’t question, don’t look, don’t think…

I have had a very rough & tough life. Any with no a SINGLE PERSON I can trust totally on anything, no close friend.

I have simply had to take control of my life. Working in 7 industries of employment & over 50 job titles, I’ve been there AND STILL DOING IT! Art, inventions, new markets, directions of markets, writer, photographer, philosopher, spiritual seer…

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20180303 : A TRUE Democracy & Low Corruption System of mine since 1970 vs USA Fascism.

In 1970, I was watching the election process as a twelve year old.

I ran across this little bit of data:  1888 President Rutherford B. Hayes noted in his diary that the United States ceased being a government for the people and had been replaced by a “government of the corporation, by the corporation, and for the corporation”.

So of course I was not surprised that watching the election process, that the outcome was quite predictable.

I was however quite concerned that no one else cared. So I looked at the whole of the process including the “Advertising” & “Advertising Industry”, which made things a litle easier.

So there is no record of my kind of government system in use by humans ever in human history.



Just as my creation of the International Space Station was for Human survival, so too is this government system.

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Facism IS