20160817: Ghost in the hills.

Trona Pinnacles light panting

I use a remote trigger, so here I am walking down from checking a flash unit. Trona Pinnacles 2015

I am but a ghost on a hill here.

My respect for this place, makes this an appropriate image of me.

Like Walt Whitman, leave only foot prints behind.

Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2015



20160812: Old boots, almost retiring time…Vasque Breeze GTX review

20160811 old boots-5949FB

Not sure how many years these boots have on them, I think I bought them in 2013…

UPDATE 20160817: at the bottom is a screen shot of the Vasque Review, they recommend having the boots resoled by a person In Seattle, Washington. In case anyone else needs to have their boots done.

UPDATE 20160813:  Inside the Boots

20160813 inside boot-5968FBNot much wear showing inside…


But as the heels show, the sole has worn through, they are kind of slick on on the wet streets. But I have found that the Vasque Breeze (GTX) hiking boots are some of the most comfortable boots I have had. Soft enough to wear all day, water proof to the almost the top, there is a little gap so the tongue has flexibility. I do find them a bit hot in the troical weather I am in here in Mexico, but with the unpredictable terrain, they are valuable to wear. Thinsulate linings are in a good state, no worn out. With 3 years on them, I am glad I bought a 2nd pair 2 years ago. Vasque Breeze II GTX

And as you can see, the uppers are also showing the miles of deserts, high mountains, mushy meadows, streams, snow, long hours in the nights shooting stars, never knowing what I might step in and city life they have traveled.

20160811 old boots-5950FB

At $169.00 USD, even the shoelaces are the original, none of the hooks have broken, and never one to be easy on equipment, I have hard time saying it time to Retire.

I am hoping to put the new ones in service when I change continents at the end of the year.

Here is a link to the company’s site on these shoes. NOPE, I nothing to with the company or selling this product.


Creative Shooting to all.

Please make comment about your favorite boots in the links, we all like different boots for different reason, just as we shoot with different perspectives…

Vasque replied, accepted review


20160727: So far the Quinta Shoot is on…

20160715 Ricardo casa B-W-4925FB

So yesterday I searched my remains of equipment from the Dec.2015 accident, I have the equipment to make it happen. Ricardo said yesterday it was still on.

However the landlord and the people living in my little courtyard units, HAD A HUGE LAUGH at my asking for respect because I have Rev. 2:17, the highest Ranked MARK of Spirituality and Spiritual Connect in the Entire BIBLE. Many laughs at calling the police o me. I am loco because I do not “forgive them so THEY CAN STEAL AGAIN AND AGAIN…”


I am spiritual, we teach lessons, not forgive till dead as a martyr…..

Yeah, I may be dead or in prison before I get to do what if nothing else is one of the technically challenging photographs I have ever tried, and ever seen by another photographer in print or web.

A family GROUP SHOT & Milky Way/Stars with a light painted House & a Reflecting pond…

Anyone knowing of this ever being done, PLEASE POST A COMMENT OR LINK TO SUCH A PHOTOGRAPH. Not HDR or layering, a SINGLE SHOT! Use of PhotoShop & LightRoom is fine. But light must have balanced in the RAW to start WITH.

Which the blessing of the spirits I will get to finish this shoot.

Creative shooting and Lovingkindness energy to All.

20160716: old fart photog, so yeah, B/W conversions of the 1 & half hour shoot!

20160715 Ricardo casa-4947_color knockoutFB

OK, so I love these red flowers, what can I say….

on the other hand……. as an “old fart photographer” who started doing B/W darkroom work at 15 & my own darkroom at 16yr old……. no frigging way I was not going to turn some of this into black & white conversions.

Please enjoy the views!

20160715 Ricardo casa B-W-4953FB

I could correct some of the trash I did not have time to go clean up. Black & white less issue of color matching. But wow, I want to light paint this place, maybe even get a model or two out here for a day!

20160715 Ricardo casa B-W-4977FB

20160715 Ricardo casa B-W-4934FB

20160715 Ricardo casa B-W-4923FB

20160715 Ricardo casa B-W-4983FB

the above shot is going to get stars through the opening, even if I have to put a pot of flowers in the position of these now growing. dim light painting and a Milky Way? This maybe facing north, nope did not stop to look at my compass, just shot like crazy!

20160715 Ricardo casa B-W-4952FB

3-4 models, spaced along this???

20160715 Ricardo casa B-W-4963FB

wagon my tail…..

20160715 Ricardo casa B-W-4914FB

hole shot, knew I wanted this in B/W.

20160715 Ricardo casa B-W-4920FB

and this………

20160715 Ricardo casa B-W-4950FB

20160715 Ricardo casa B-W-4913FB

still like that palm frond coming down, completes the circle of the left cloud & evergreens pushing up.

20160715 Ricardo casa B-W-4985FB

the other wagon shot, too much fun folks, I got to go BACK!

All photographs Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016


20160715: Cactus shots…

20160715 Ricardo casa-4991FB - Copy20160715 Ricardo casa-4968FB

20160715 Ricardo casa-4990FB

Most the Barrel Cactus in So Calif. are red during the bright growth rainy season period.

Just had to try to do something with this one.

All photographs Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016


20160707 What do you deny?

Red rock who do you deny-8568FB

Walking into the Lion’s den…
Not a happy thought, and not something to desire, even the lion tamer has his doubts.
I am 58 yrs. old. and I have a 56 yr vow to the CREATOR, that I WILL act with responsibility at a time when I wHAVE walk into the lion’s with I doing because I am responsible to do so.
I was two years old and the challenge of a spiritual path was no issue, I did not get any day to day play book.
I knew I would trials to go through, to prove to ME, I was worthy of the effort I would be called on. However I would have no close friend or person of deep trust. No person would be in my life for long that I could develop a trusting bond with. Part of the job, so to speak.
I would have the ability to beat the Devil, Satan…
If such a being existed, I was to bring it to Spiritual or Energy Realms to be examined and then if necessary We would give it a universe of it’s own. “CHAOS” must provide for ALL POSSIBILITIES. And souls can not be destroyed, what ever Satan or Devil is it must be at least given a universe it’s own to control while the Energies examine it. At lest a few billions of this Devil/Satan.
My life is at the point I have entered the lion’s den. the things told to me, shown to me and those tools and instruments I needed to learn to handle in this physical body, have happened. Enough free will is in play, with personal experiences, I can only hope to meet the the Exit door on time.
I had no DESIRE to enter the lion’s den.
I have the responsibility to enter and do a professional job in this lion’s den.
Would any human being who is offered wealth in an amble supply turn down the money, and how many of those would feel the desire to do a Professional Job?
Not just “Take the Money and Run.”
As the levels of corruption in the modern economic scene of the world, tells everyone is Much better BEHAVIOR?
Now I don’t spend a lot of time in LinkedIn & yes I have a Facebook presence I maintain. I was building on LinkedIn to get away from FB, and do my world tour Spiritual journey. Into the Lion’s den journey.
Now I don’t mind humor & laughs, but if every attempt to address the environment shall be over ridden by materialism/physical pleasure, how much longer can you post “hug me”.
So those of you who think I am mean or evil…..
I am doing a job, prophecy by the HUMANS of this planet.
You ASKED For It. the Spirits have delivered.

20160618: Question on UFO in night sky.

Yesterday I made mention of the light looking like an passenger airliner with it’s wings front landing lights on, to a group I joined.20160617 UFO lights post-8896duoBloodFB2
Here is an example I came across editing last night
I was shooting the Super Blood Moon Eclipse in Valley of Fire, Nv. USA. As the night progressed and the clouds made an annoyance of themselves, I was playing with the Canon 6D controls.
The bright lights are of the commercial size airliner, freight or passengers, the wing lights are on and you can see the glow in the clouds in front of the airplane.
Farther to the right you see a more dotted line of lights on an airplane.
This is the more standard frame of lines you get from airplanes, the wing tip lights blinking and running lights on, but the wing front landing lights are off.
And the inset image is of the previous frame. You can see the forward progress of each plane, while moon, stars are relatively still, clouds show a little motion. High level winds, clouds came in 5 hours before the eclipse, this is about an hour after full eclipse. Time of inset 08:29:39PM & Time of main frame 08:29:55PM, both frames data-ISO 10000, f/4.5 8.0 sec 35mm, The Blood Moon inset was at 07:32:23PM ISO 16000, 294mm f/6.3 3.2sec shutter, and I cropped in for the inset too.
Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016