20190115: Day 53 & my birthday too so here is another inside the Star Ship cargo area ‘Work-in-Progess’ meditation image

Yeah, I am doing another section of my Star Ship & this is coming along nicely, with many parts of different photos collage-mural together.

I have several hours of work on it yet to do, but heck I am celebrating 53 Days since fighting off the Mexican Police & locking out the San Juan de los Lagos, Jal. Mx locals to KEEP THEM from murdering me.

Good enough reason to smile!

domewindowsfor greenhouse01

Yes, a green house dome with stars& planet behind it, ah the glory of being an artist.

To see what has not been done yet…

and as seer, I too await more human horrors of arrogance.

Tesla prediction

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20181220 White Horseman cover

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20180303: What is “Smart?”

20180303 who has a problem

With some many people in the world, screaming don’t talk, don’t question, don’t look, don’t think…

I have had a very rough & tough life. Any with no a SINGLE PERSON I can trust totally on anything, no close friend.

I have simply had to take control of my life. Working in 7 industries of employment & over 50 job titles, I’ve been there AND STILL DOING IT! Art, inventions, new markets, directions of markets, writer, photographer, philosopher, spiritual seer…

Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2018