20170927: Video: Math of ESP, Why it works even if you do not believe in it!

Well, many years of trying to figure out how to say this. Put it into words that which is kind of beyond words.

I did for a while consider a math equation series of the whole thing but that kind of leaves it as unrelated to life itself.

So here I explain the basic math, then relate how it works.

Humans are so caught up in the idea that they “are the one & only” that it shows a very huge disconnection to the universe & “Spiritual Realm”.

Most New Age Spiritual people spend a lot of time putting others at a distance while claims only these people can know anything or you have to have “special training or permission” to know stuff.

ho hum…

Anyone can learn to be spiritual, after all how did those OTHERS GET THERE???

Yes it is an hour & 10 minutes long & therefore I did lower the quality and size to fit the requirements of this blog site.

If you are a Non-believer of ESP, that is your right. Calling me names will not be allowed on this site, HONEST DISCUSSION of this topic is invited.

I do not go into Huge math equations, that is for arrogance math lovers. I simply put the basic of the math here and give a few basic examples of how it works. I have yet to find anything that does not fit those rules. Anything can be explained with math, just look at “flat earth & climate denial people” they can deny factual logic with their math. Reality is reality.

I have Revelations 2:17, I know the “Spiritual Realm” EXISTS… your experiences in life will be different so you may NOT LISTEN to the spirit realm for fear of truth or name calling.

You can also “search” my blog for the “CHAOS” posts and read those.







CHAOS …a truer theory.

Updated 20160215: posted on the bottom, but just to let anyone who might right this I added something below.




Now this not the same as: Unlimited

Or No Limits………

but You must be CHAOS,


It is not a thing.

It is not physical.

and there can be no pattern,

such as your white noise.

White noise is the same, here or there…….in Los Angeles or Texas, or the Moon……..

therefore it can NOT BE CHAOS,

or even an example of CHAOS.

To describe CHAOS, you would only be describing a “MOMENT”

nothing more, and since it is not connect in any pattern OF ANY SORT to the next “MOMENT”…..

it is not CHAOS or a description of CHAOS.

Remember, an electron is BOTH “PATTERN” AND “PHYSICAL”.


Further thoughts on the understanding of what “CHAOS” is…

What is a moment in “CHAOS”?

Well since CHAOS can not have any kind of limits, a “moment” in “CHAOS” must include a space of existance so short it can NOT in any way be measured.
It also must include itself, which is WITHOUT BEGINNING or ENDING. So, yes in “CHAOS”  a “moment” can begin and Never end. Since each “moment” is separate within it’s own rules and nothing can be “Impossible” in “CHAOS”, the “without Limit” of “CHAOS” is not violated.
This universe we are in is but a “moment” in “CHAOS”, ask any astrophysicist and they will tell you, the Universe is without end in size and will live for billions of billions years.
Both of which are acceptable by “CHAOS”.
While in “CHAOS” contact, I was enjoying the understanding of billion of billions of universes everywhere I sensed outward. New universes, being created as I mused over the numbers, and as I tried to figure out “A Number” for how many were being created, yep “CHAOS” is without Limits, so the speed would increase beyond counting.
So if you were to try to measure the speed of the “fastest moment” in “CHAOS”, yeah, the speed would increase too. Otherwise you would have a “limit”.
No Limits…. without any kind of limit.
If you are having a hard time wrapping your understanding around that, please start with Quantum Physics. 2015 Sept/Oct Australian scientists prove observer EFFECTS observed. No question about it, your top science without realizing it, respects “CHAOS”.
Now, if you want to travel from THIS universe to the next, 1st define “next”.
2nd, you must pass through “CHAOS” to get there. While I can not say that 2 universes can not touch, that would be a “Limit”.
If this universe is to grow unlimited in it’s life, whatever is outside must also grow to include that growth. So Universes are bubbles in “CHAOS” energy, for lack of a better idea of my personal view. Lines of energy interconnect everything, so no the “universe” is never separate from anything else. A plate of spaghetti and meatballs, if you want a visual image, much much prettier to see and  be immersed in. And again, THIS IS MY IMAGE, yours will be different, it will BE YOUR PERSONAL VIEW!

In human thought, every “thing” has to be quantified, labeled, described. In “CHAOS” not limited, means labels while existing, must also be allowed to NOT exist. Therefore “CHAOS” is an “energy existence”, you are either in “THAT” state of being, or in a “moment bubble”. To describe “CHAOS” is human, but not possible, anymore than humans have described love, hate, or touch of a smile. You do not know “why electricity” works, you can explain “what is happening, not why it does it. Yet it is productive to humans so it is allowed to exist.

for me, I got to touch the “CHAOS”, I can not say “outside” because it is in all of us. It has to be, but do not worry, any attempt to make a religion of true “CHAOS” would be a waste of time, it can not be described only experienced. So anyone attempting to make a religion of it, is only doing what the has always been done, like the bible, tell a story and deny any and all facts.
As for Buddhism, meditation stuff, on the path to get there. Buddhism stops at “Be Happy”, hum with universe energy. Well “CHAOS” is beyond “om”. And outside this universe.
No, the energies that make up “CHAOS”, do not want boredom, or servitude, with unlimited possibilities before you, an individual spiritual being, They the creating energies want variation, experiences, the differences in each personal spiritual beings experience.
That is the beauty of “CHAOS”, why not dream, It will become a reality somewhere some time… eternity is a long time.