20170325: Joshua Tree N.P. Wild Flowers striking a different balance of colors.

20170321 JT flower SCCC Van Photo-7544FB

Never one for the standard same old thing, as i set up for sunset I noticed these tiny purple flowers and the cactus popping through, indirect lighting gave a nice contrast that the brighter hot afternoon sun would not have.

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Wildflowers, a tease from past years.

Wildflower season is coming!

macro shot of cactus flowers

cactus flowers with macro. f/2.8, 1/1600s, ISO 160, 100mm

This shot is from Joshua Tree N.P., a favorite spot of mine. In tight with a shallow depth of field, light background bokeh, one flower in focus and one just out of focus causes un-balance in the photo. Which makes your eye move around the photograph and come back to the focused flower.

wildflowers in landscape fine art photograph

Wildflowers, Red Rock Canyon 2015

Here is a photo, similar idea, purple flowers are on level plane, little tighter f-stop, but dark background bokeh. This time I put the flowers on an angle and 3 clusters. 2 ancient tricks to make interesting images in your photograph.

fine art photography

Red and yellow flowers on bush. Shallow depth of field. 2014

flower fine photography

Same flower different angle and deep depth of field. 2014

While these two photos are not wildflowers, they are the same bush, different styles of photos.

wildflower fine art photography poster

Poster I made from trip to Joshua Tree. 2014

wildflower fine art photography

Version 1, tight in on three buds. Sierra Nevada Mts. 2014

Same wildflower, little bit further back.

wildflower fine art photography

Thistle buds and dead blooms. Sierra Nevada Mts. 2014

Or there is the wide view.

wildflower landscape fine art photography

Wildflowers and dead tree stump. Sierra Nevada Mts. 2014

wildflower landscape fine art photography

Sometimes the insects help out and make a more interesting photo. Trick! Be Patience, Move slow. Take shots as you move in. Red Rock Canyon, Calif. 2014

So, these are just a few of the wildflowers I’ve shot and I am NO expert on the subject. This season I want to try and spend more time doing macro shots and the deep depth-of-field shots like the yellow flowers and dead tree photo. I also hope to learn a few tricks from my Sierra Club Camera Committee members as we all do some trips and share our photos.

I hope these photos give you some ideas of ways to creatively shoot wildflowers this year. Here in Southern California, we are getting a little rain and more coming so I’m expecting it to be a good year. Just might be chasing the flowers all over the place as different areas bloom. If you live in the SoCal area and see some wildflowers worth chasing after, leave  some info in the comments or send me and email.

Anyway, ask questions, leave me a comment, Love to hear from you. (it’s late, I’m going to bed)

Creative shooting everyone,