20190220: Photographic-Graphic collage”Storm Wizard” #occupyiss Alive & Kicking Day 88

When I was put in prison & tortured by the USA government I did some “psychic” stuff that earned me the name of “Storm Wizard”.

Inside for 18 months that time, the name stuck & I have always enjoyed the name, so here a version of that name in photographic & graphic elements collage mostly just to show my skill set.

But also for the idea & mage of one of the many wizard names over the years I have been given.


So you can see, I not only know a few graphic tricks, but as an artist I can create.

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I am an Anonymous person without a country, independent investigate photojournalist needs to pay bills too.


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20190216 White Horseman cover

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20170417: ANTIWAR Poster, 45 years of antiwar… still no logic in war!


Knowledge poem 3 pages

1976, wrote the poem, it was about the idea of the PUBLIC MASSES wanting “BREAD & CIRCUSES” to be entertained. They did not want to think about the world as a whole…

Top of page, yeah, I have been put in prison for talking of TRUTH,  I carry a broken shoulder for speaking out against USA corruption.

The Middle East, a constant war for 35 years…. Olie North & Pres. Reagan & Bush Sr. creating the Al Qaeda, just to keep USA Public wanting war…. 1999, I read of the Haliburton/Bush/1% Elite Rich creating the “Never Ending War with a Terrorist attack of  a huge size so the USA citizens would RUN TO WAR”  2 years before the 2001 9/11 attack…

The final comments unfortunately are not so well understood, FUKUSHIMA is killing all life…. there is only about 10 years left. 1975, I did a report on the nuclear industry, I came to the understanding that a major environmental disaster WOULD HAPPEN, too much corruption, too much USA government getting monies for underhanded deals & looking the other way at the nuclear pollution….

Yet the planet in a 100 MILLION YEARS or more, will be ready for new forms to come into existence… I personal hope that the humans will not return in as stupid a arrogant manner. If at all.

AND KEEP IN MIND, 1983 I tried to get the human race to see a different view, BY CREATING the International Space Station….



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