20171130: One model photo, 4 versions, Photoshop demostration

Here in town I get a lot of requests of people having photos of family, boyfriend or girlfriend in USA & a local wants a better background on the photograph.

So I did a quick Photoshop demo to print out showing that I took one image of a woman & made 4 different treatments to that same image. With a single poster printout, I have 4 styles of one shot to show customers.

Photoshop work.

HOWEVER folks we Professional & Artists have been doing this LONG BEFORE ADOBE PHOTOSHOP was created.

2017 Nataly 4up background demo_FB

In 1993 I took a photograph of the Newspaper Publishing Co building with really beautiful clouds in sky behind it. About a month later, the parking lot in front was coated with a fresh coat of tar and one of the other staff had shot it just an hour later when no one was parked on it and everything was very clean.

I happened to see that both my photograph & the other person’s photograph were shot near the same area so it was an “easy” job of putting my sky in his “clean Publishing building” shot.

So some 6 hours of work “sandwiching the two negatives together” to make one image in a WET Darkroom. Next morning when the Owner of the publishing company came in I showed him the Black & white photograph print. He liked it, thanked me and walked off with it.

A week later I saw a new stack of sale person folder sitting on the Sales Dept manager’s desk as I walked by. Yeah, you guessed it, I saw my “sandwiched PHOTO” was on the cover of those handout folders for customers.

In 1974 with my 1st WET darkroom I was doing this at 2 am in the morning instead of sleeping for school later in the morning. Long history of having artistic fun!

So darkrooms & combining artistic work & photographs are about 180 years old folks.

Photoshop is the “new fangled name”, that is all.

Hope you like the pretty lady, a model in Southern California I show in 2014 & the different treatments of her portrait.

Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2017



20160808: Photojournalism, lesson in getting the shot. Shoot 1st!

As an old {very old} newshound, I have always as a Photography Editor or just being a photographer, told “Get the shot!” Pay enough attention to get that shot, then worry about cleaning it up for a Pulitzer Prize.

Here is the cleaned up “shot” of some very Wanted shots of a rainbow.

2016080 Quinta final-5640flatFB

2016080 Quinta final-5640FB

2016080 Quinta final-5643FB2016080 Quinta final-5643flatFB

As you can see, while I will not ‘claim’ great in Photoshop tricks, having used Photoshop since 1994, I can do a little with it.

As a landscape photographer, I know rainbows can last hours or seconds, nothing to let you know which it will be.

I grabbed shots, and when we went upstairs for these and other shots, {I have 15 different subject & compositions final photos up here}, I did not notice the rain drops on the lens.

Instead of re-doing all the shots, it was noticed after a few frames, we then ran downstairs and got some of the double rainbow in front of the reflecting pond again and a couple others.

But by the time we got down stairs the rain was hard enough that no one wanted to be in it and the rainbows had faded.

However, I did also get this,

2016080 Quinta final-5633softOvalFB

and this,

2016080 Quinta final-5635FB

While still having time to get this,

2016080 Quinta final-5620FB

Yes, the church steeple in the background by the young lady’s leg was ‘wanted’ in the shot, as well as the just beginning rainbow.

Move fast, learn your camera, no matter how basic it is, and don’t be worrying about “Perfect photos”, that cost 10 or 15 minutes a shot… This client will also have another 15 shots with the clouds in the background before they went flat grey and uninteresting. Of several locations, and subject.

Craftsmen want perfection…

Artists want expressive, flavorful captures in whatever medium they choose.

Creative shooting folks, and please leave comments below. My clients & I both love the inaction with you.

And yes, I am still invited to go back for more shots & my signature nightscapes.

All photographs copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016



20160804: Quinta, the upper Rainbow shots & fun stuff

20160804 Quinta DoubleRainbow shoot post-5666FB

The relaxed shot of a happy client.

20160804 Quinta DoubleRainbow shoot post-5699FB

Like a lot of countries with heavy military present in daily life, it is hard to get these people to smile a true deep smile. I got her at that moment.

and when the props are at your finger tips…

20160804 Quinta DoubleRainbow shoot post-5675FB

why resist??

20160804 Quinta DoubleRainbow shoot post-5673FB

unfortunately, the other direction  the clouds were not as nice, but…

20160804 Quinta DoubleRainbow shoot post-5669FB


I took several of these next shots, so into the scene I did not see the water on the lens. Still working on some of them. The background is to varied to make cut and pasting, cloning and healing brush work well.

20160804 Quinta DoubleRainbow shoot post-FB

But I did save a couple.

20160804 Quinta DoubleRainbow shoot post--3FB

As you can see the post I could repair, the skyline however is going to take some work if anything is possible. Also the young lady in the middle is missing a foot due to a drop of water so this will get cropped to the waist or half way up to the knees.

Still in 5 hours of shooting, this rainbow was up there as a ‘double rainbow’ long enough to get to several spots and shoot. Landscape photographers know how rare that is.

Rainbows like young children come to play and run away just as quickly,

laughing as they go!

20160804 Quinta DoubleRainbow shoot post--2FB

A man proud of the land he owns and oversees.

20160804 Quinta DoubleRainbow shoot post-5755FB

A private sanctuary, and still time & place to laugh and smile!

20160804 Quinta DoubleRainbow shoot post-5765FB

This shot is one I took for me, I need to redesign my business card. While I am still considering the design, for the locals this would be a nice background statement.

20160804 Quinta DoubleRainbow shoot post-5710FB

I hope you, the viewers, are enjoying these photos as much as Ricardo & his family are.

Me, I am just enjoying my spiritual connection with this planet and my abilities to share them with the lives I touch in my passing through.

Please leave comments and questions for me to share with the family & others. The fact I was able to share a comment from a Venezuela resident of how beautiful the land is & that person’s thought of it wonderful enough to be a movie set, still bring smiles to all our faces here in the outskirts of San Juan de los Lagos, Jal.

All photography copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016

Lovingkindness energy to all & Creative shooting!

20160803: “Oy, I am so Blessed, Beautiful women, wonderful surroundings & Double Rainbow!”

20160802 Quinta DoubleRainbow shoot post-5683FB

When an old man sees a chance to do beautiful work, and the spirits are moving him, sometimes the Spirits move other stuff too!

Not having done any real in-the-trenches people shoots, just a couple models shoots with Meet-up/dot/com groups in the past 3 yrs…
This is what I got to enjoy shooting the other day.

20160802 Quinta DoubleRainbow shoot post-5690FB

As you might be able to see the Double Rainbow is just starting to form in the background.

20160802 Quinta DoubleRainbow shoot postFB

However this shot just proves that song from my past, something about “Girls Just Want to Have FUN!!!.

20160802 Quinta DoubleRainbow shoot post-5707FB

My favorite of the wife so far.

20160802 Quinta DoubleRainbow shoot post-5703FB

20160802 Quinta DoubleRainbow shoot post-5825FB

Not sure who is having the better laugh.

20160802 Quinta DoubleRainbow shoot post-5811FB

20160802 Quinta DoubleRainbow shoot post-5726FB

a family shot…

20160802 Quinta DoubleRainbow shoot post-5722FB

Nice spot to take a few frames.

20160802 Quinta DoubleRainbow shoot post-5750FB

but the young ladies got the attention they deserve too!

20160802 Quinta DoubleRainbow shoot post-5737FB

But the son also got his chance…

20160802 Quinta DoubleRainbow shoot post-5714FB


20160802 Quinta DoubleRainbow shoot post-5697FB

20160802 Quinta DoubleRainbow shoot post-5682FB

Double rainbow is in play, this young lady had just arrived,

20160802 Quinta DoubleRainbow shoot post-5809FB

Yes they wanted to reflecting ponds here, almost no water in them, but I had my Tamron 70-200mm, so i ran to grab it and the game was on. I do believe the middle young lady with the red blouse on wants to be a model. Did the most moving into new positions for. Yelling instructions to some Spanish speaking people from 100 ft away in English is a bit futile for my manners… but digital made it easy, just keep snapping and wave a hand every so often. I loved the day and the wonderful sight for this shoot.

I do believe these wonderful folks will enjoy inviting to shoot again. If I can hold my breath that long….

5 hours, 80 images so far…

White Balance corrections and play, on a couple of the night shots:

20160802 Quinta DoubleRainbow shoot post-5920FB

20160802 Quinta DoubleRainbow shoot post-5917FB

20160802 Quinta DoubleRainbow shoot post-5937FB

20160802 Quinta DoubleRainbow shoot post-5932FB

and these will be so much nicer when I have a tripod out, instead of hand held 1.3 second shutter times.

Lovingkindness energy to All, specially this Family & their property,

Creative Shooting.

Post questions or comments below, because we all like to share.


All images copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016



20160802: Quinta family shots… oh my, what fun!

20160802 Quinta 2nd shoot semiproof-5787FB

As I said yesterday these yellow flowers were a hit with the whole family.

20160802 Quinta 2nd shoot semiproof-5792FB

20160802 Quinta 2nd shoot semiproof-5802FB

20160802 Quinta 2nd shoot semiproof-5776FB

20160802 Quinta 2nd shoot semiproof-5805FB

20160802 Quinta 2nd shoot semiproof-5804FB

20160802 Quinta 2nd shoot semiproof-5820FB


20160802 Quinta 2nd shoot semiproof-5893FB

20160802 Quinta 2nd shoot semiproof-5873FB

and by the way, this is in front of the “banos”, bathrooms…. very nice, and you can see why I “felt the energy of private place, but not exactly spiritual”…. and yes I plan to re-shoot this shot, a little more depth of field and I will use 2 flashes much higher up to push the shadows down behind everyone…. working fast and a little rusty on people shots.

It was getting late, they all wanted me to take a break and it was getting dark so some of them had to head home.

20160802 Quinta 2nd shoot semiproof--3FB

20160801 Quinta 2nd shoot semiproof-5569layer son faceFB

20160802 Quinta 2nd shoot semiproof--2FB

As you can see we ran around for quite a while finding way too many fun places to shoot.

These are more shots , I am in the editing department for next day or so…. and posting these so he can call friends and tell them to see them.

Professionally, speaking for my own, I think I can shot people just a little bit,.

What do you think?

Please leave me comments below, Ricardo & family are enjoying this as much as I am.

On LinkedIn, I got a comment from Venezuela of someone think this would be nice for a movie set. Spiritual energies as such on the property, I don’t think it would be proper, but oh my such a nice complement to share with Ricardo’s family.

Lovingkindness energy to all & Creative shooting!

20160609: TEE-SHIRTS for women On Sale!


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Oh my, Piano Eyes!

20160525 Piano EyesFB

Working on some video of my old high school buddy Mike. Keyboardist, I listened back then did “roadie” for years. Billy Joel was a favorite of his back then, Piano Man was his nickname. Here is Mike “Piano Eyes” Ripley, of ThunderTap in Los Angeles. Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016


Just in case some one wants to listen to an old musician play with a sweet voiced female, here is a link to my youtube channel


Never Released to Public, possible only Photos left from negatives1906 S.F. QUAKE.

These contact prints were made by me when I realized the odd size and frame ratio.

I asked for a set at that point and the old woman agreed.

She then told me as I started to look at the images, a family member had been in San Francisco a few weeks after the 1906 earthquake.


20160510 1906 SF QUAKE photos post-0930FB

That was in 1994-96.  I made 2 sets of CONTACT PRINTS. One for her and one for me.

I never heard from her again, or talked to any PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER who knew of this frame ratio negative size.

20160524 Ebay image



20160523: Statemant of FACTS: For my PROTECTION.

20160523 Wake Up Call

20160321: ProLab Photo contest…… no fee, just fun.

20160318 Zenfolio uploads-hot-7350 TOPFB

Yeah, just another version. Why not share and FOR SALE on my Zenfolio site Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016

profoto contest

Just a screen shot…….. USA photographers, look at this fun, enter without cost.


here is the link to ENTER:

or check their page on FaceBook.