20171121: DIY Strip light for under $10USD

OK, so this ain’t no pretty beauty queen of a strip light box, but heck a “decent” one starts at around $80USD.

20171121 Strip light box-0235_FB

Down here in Mexico, while I don’t know how soon I will need one, the shipping is expensive or I have to research out the Mexican companies that supply one.

I also have a money shortage & needed some soft boxes & hair light & a strip light so that adds of fast.

Well, the hair light and strip box were a little easier to make. I will wait on the soft boxes.

I made a hair light box out of cardboard & just need to find a little brighter light for it. The small LED light stick is too dim for studio work. I can stick a flash in there.

But the other day I noticed that here in town there are LED strip lights for sale & at only 95 pesos for one, heck that is like $5 USD so why not invest a little time to make a strip light out of one.

My neighbor also gave me a big cardboard box that was too large for what she needed.


20171121 Strip light box-0234_FB

1200mm is over 4ft long & 6500k is a nice level to work with. I did have a small issue that facing forward I got stripes on the wall. I had bought the clear lens so I could have the most light possible & would make my own defusing for it.

So I just turned the light around and faced into the box. The shiny side of the aluminum foil would defuse that issue just fine.

20171121 Strip light box-0231_FB

I then added some more cardboard to make “barn doors” on the box.

I put aluminum foil on the joints of the barn doors & made sure that the barn doors were in the full open position when taping them together so I would not have issues of opening and closing them or light leaks.

Over all time is a couple hours of work, but here is the light in action.

20171121 Strip light box-0227_FB

Wide open doors.

20171121 Strip light box-0233_FB

Closed most the way.

20171121 Strip light box-0232_FB

And a half way flagged position.

So tape, aluminum foil, a cardboard box & a strip of LED 6500k lights, plus a little and I have something that works.

20171121 Strip light box-0226_FB

Like a say, “it ain’t pretty to look at!” But it does the job for now!

And is light weight enough to hang on a light stand/boom or even from the ceiling.

Creative Shooting folks! Specially those of you with a limited budget.

Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2017

20170116: Birthday Present, My ugly mug on Google 1st page results.


and yes folks this is the FIRST PAGE OF GOOGLE RESULTS!

and Jan. 15th is my birthday so yesterday was my birthday and I FOUND THIS TODAY!


Creative shooting Folks!

20160831: Bokeh flower

20160829 street & storm photos-6016FB

Like the flower in the “Breaking Free” post I was looking that these flowers. However I could not find a decent deep depth of field shot, so I just reversed my perspective and looked for a nice bokeh shot.

Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016

20160830: Breaking Free!

20160829 street & storm photos-6015FB

As a newspaper photo editor I tend to like tight crops.

As an artist, I go the other way leaving a lot of the fuller frame in.
Which in this shot was too much either way, had to have the barbed in and the intense greenery, but not as much as the full frame caught.
I think I got the idea here, rich red color of the flower in the middle of lots of green leaves of various shapes & hues, plus the barb wire. 30mm, f/6.3
A good lesson of using bokeh effectively.

I give photography lessons, so Please as questions whenever one strikes you. I’m one of the people who don’t believe in “a dumb question” phrase, you ask, it should be answerable by some one. Many not be one’s cup of tea to answer a question but it still is not dumb to ask.

Bokeh:the visual quality of the out-of-focus areas of a photographic image, especially as rendered by a particular lens.

Creative shooting folks!

Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016

20160727: So far the Quinta Shoot is on…

20160715 Ricardo casa B-W-4925FB

So yesterday I searched my remains of equipment from the Dec.2015 accident, I have the equipment to make it happen. Ricardo said yesterday it was still on.

However the landlord and the people living in my little courtyard units, HAD A HUGE LAUGH at my asking for respect because I have Rev. 2:17, the highest Ranked MARK of Spirituality and Spiritual Connect in the Entire BIBLE. Many laughs at calling the police o me. I am loco because I do not “forgive them so THEY CAN STEAL AGAIN AND AGAIN…”


I am spiritual, we teach lessons, not forgive till dead as a martyr…..

Yeah, I may be dead or in prison before I get to do what if nothing else is one of the technically challenging photographs I have ever tried, and ever seen by another photographer in print or web.

A family GROUP SHOT & Milky Way/Stars with a light painted House & a Reflecting pond…

Anyone knowing of this ever being done, PLEASE POST A COMMENT OR LINK TO SUCH A PHOTOGRAPH. Not HDR or layering, a SINGLE SHOT! Use of PhotoShop & LightRoom is fine. But light must have balanced in the RAW to start WITH.

Which the blessing of the spirits I will get to finish this shoot.

Creative shooting and Lovingkindness energy to All.

20160528: Semi- Experimental Full Moon.

20160526 bw street  photo post-9158FB

In the experimental department…. Somewhere in Nevada, 2015.

Just playing around, trying to get clouds on full moon with foreground… shot for the hot moon and used a circular grad filter in Lightroom “invert” to keep moon down and raise the hills… almost worked!

Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016


Never Released to Public, possible only Photos left from negatives1906 S.F. QUAKE.

These contact prints were made by me when I realized the odd size and frame ratio.

I asked for a set at that point and the old woman agreed.

She then told me as I started to look at the images, a family member had been in San Francisco a few weeks after the 1906 earthquake.


20160510 1906 SF QUAKE photos post-0930FB

That was in 1994-96.  I made 2 sets of CONTACT PRINTS. One for her and one for me.

I never heard from her again, or talked to any PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER who knew of this frame ratio negative size.

20160524 Ebay image



20160427: A Wave for sorrow…

20160421 midnight photo book-1831FB20160425 San Juan post-9996FB

20160425 San Juan post-9995-2FBYes, these are the roof puppies, being raised to sell for monies. Survival down here… I have seen 2 of these dogs dead because the responsible persons don’t pay any real big attention to them. This is the result of a society that lives by church rules folks…. you must pay the church money to be SAVED, or PRAYED for….. so life has no meaning, IN THE USA, THESE ARE THE PUPPY MILLS. So yes USA, you support this behavior in your own society.

I am spiritual, and this is the sadness I must endure of a planet so spiritually dead.