210161231: End of the YEAR, a parting sunset! New Horizons await.


The leaves are falling and the birds still gather, a time of renewal & reflections.

Happy New Year folks, may whatever the energies bring to you, may you weather it in the good faith of learning and understanding.

Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016

20161120 Christmas Poster: San Juan de los Lagos


Just the graphic design department playing around.

Thanksgiving is no celebrated here in Mexico that I know of, but the Christmas stuff is going up.

I am going to see if a local print shop will try selling this poster for our mutual financial gain. It is getting busy here and will continue through Christmas time…

any way the fun and games of a bored professional photographer & graphic designer.


My walkover bridge, Reflections. Daily Prompt: Bridge


I walk along the river that passes through San Juan de los Lagos, this bridge is at the end of my street. So it is the starting point and ending point.

My timing was good to get the reflections just right on a day or so after a heavy rain filled the river bed.

Copyright Vanderhoof photography 2016

via Daily Prompt: Bridge

20161020: Rays of Light


Just a little fun as the storm approaches.


Kind in the wrong place to make this really work nice for the church but still kind of an interesting composition of light on the city.

San Juan de los Lagos, Jal Mexico

Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016

20161012: Black&White Lessons E-book in the works. Trying to get it done within the 45% Off Sale.


OK, so with my doing several post on black & white conversion of digital color I realized yes, there is another Much needed E-book.

I am taking the time, to put an e-book together. Adding screen shots not seen in the posts and filling in the details that I can get away with in a book.

Yes the 2 recent posts will be inside plus some more, and I will also add some Black & White photos of other areas without the lessons just to have some more ideas of what can be done.


Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016