20171207: Learning to think FOR YOURSELF, MATH of ESP.

OK, so there are somewhere around 15 to 20 of these series of videos now.

I keep putting HOW TO THINK INSTRUCTIONS in them, very anti-Public Mass Media.

20161201 Respect do not demandFB2

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20171117: MATH of ESP, showing how it applies to making miracles.

OK, this is the end of the last of this review & showing the math itself as it applies.

As you can see this is #6 of the mini series within my whole “MATH of ESP, Why it works even if you do not believe in it” series.

Please follow the link back to my YouTube channel and watch more of these.

I am not making any money off of this so no I do not pay for a Youtube channel that lets me put up longer videos. plus small bites are easier to chew & digest.

Enjoy and ask question, unlike priests & government officials I have no fear of questions. (rude people of course will be dealt with as well, you are expected to insult what you fear)

20171114: Why churches do NOT want you to know how easy it is to create a Miracle.

OK, just one if several videos on this part of the subject, giving this in nice easy to digest 15 minute or less bites on my YouTube channel.

AND yes, folks I use real world examples, not illusions of what a 1700 year old book might have meant when it was written.

Enjoy, catch more & become enlightened the easy way.


20171109:MATH of ESP, That male vs female myth.

OK, got some women telling me that They are superior therefore they have to be treated as EQUALS…

Hum, Equals yes, “superior” nope!

Spiritual Realm HAS NOT PHYSICAL BODIES, therefore “Male & Female” is an Earth concept or limited to this universe till you can prove otherwise.

YES, I tackle the BS in a series of videos, not just this one here. Going up on Youtube.

20171108: Math of ESP, Time & Placement

While I am still discussing time travel issues here, I am setting the stage to go into “Miracles” in the next couple of videos.

Remember you are welcome to click that “donation button” and keep my mouth talking about this stuff it you want.

This is what the governments/churches/corporations & other control freaks do NOT want you to learn about!


20171107: Math of ESP, Time Travel & Words…

OK, as I continue on in these short 15 minutes discussions, I point out how the words used to describe events are the limiting factor, i.e. most humans know of “time Travel from sci-fi stories. Therefore they accept “conspiracy theories” without thinking about what is really trying to take place.

Yes, I do not get any prettier, just an old ugly man.

Enjoy. More coming too.

20171107: Math of ESP, words & limiting yourself by them.

Moving along in this series, I am addressing the “What & How people make sure you only use their words so that you are limited in what you can say or discuss or understand.

Again, I am doing 15 minutes or less to fit on Youtube & be easier to digest.

Questions are welcome, insults will be reflected back on you.

Enjoy & have a good day.