About Vanderhoofphotography.com

Hi my name is Peter E. Vanderhoof. I’ve been shooting photographs for 40 years and am still learning more every day.

I started out with black and white, had my own darkroom at 16 and was experimenting a lot specially at night. Later I was the photo editor-darkroom tech at a small Publisher serving 2 counties in Northern Calif with 6 weekly newspapers. It was black/white work. I was looking at 500 to 1000 photographs per week. Making adjustments to photos in the darkroom old school way. In the 1990’s the publisher started to use digital to scan the negatives and I was there for that. Now years later and starting over in many respects I’m doing digital color and black & white photography. I have opened up a home based business in Event photography, Photojournalism photography as well as my main interest in Fine Art Photography/Landscape Photography.

I have spent a lot of time studying photography and art over the years. I have found that sometimes I know how to say something in a way that others can learn from so to improve my art/photography and to help others I have started this blog. The meetup groups and other groups I’m involved with will give me samples to show and teach from, as well as teach me knew stuff as I shoot more digitally. I’ll show work shot with a Canon 7D both in color and other shots converted to B/W.  It remains to be seen if I post any shots from film at this point.


All comments in artistic, opened minded opinions are welcome.

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