20190417: Of butterflies & Quantum Physics! #occupyiss Day 146

Well, some people take forever to realize the State of Reality!


Yet the answers have always been there, from yogic knowledge that goes back for some 6,000 to 10,000 years, the shamans that also go back some 5,000 to 15,000 years, the knowledge beyond physical science has always been available.

Western culture is a materialism society & culture. They condemn anyone who is not into letting them profit from it AND THE WAR LORDS have destroyed the planet’s surface, air & waters.

The Oceans are dying, & being the beginning of the food chain, plus being the major source of oxygen/CO2 conversion, yes, all life on the planet is now challenged to survive.

Tesla non physical world_color

100 years ago as “Modern Science” was coming into it’s age, your were warned.

Almost every continent has some kind of prophecy of the arrogance of humans destroying the planet’s life going back some 10,000 years, yet humans did not listen.


Those of us who did fight are ignored, put in prison or EVEN KILLED, the silencing never stopped.

As my poem in 1976 shows, even I tried to warn people!

Knowledge poem 3 pages

Such is life & prophecies. Day 146, still alive in San Juan de los Lagos, Jal., MX where these locals want me dead for both exposing their false & FAKE MIRACLE as well as wanting my professional equipment for free! A Vatican APPROVED MURDER SCAM for 300 years, they do not change easily. Locked in my apt for my life, I  have run out of food some 25 days ago, so yes, I am fasting & spiritually in tune.


Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2019

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