20190414: FREEDOM for Assange, well so much for that Idea & HUMAN RIGHTS AS WELL! Freedom of Speech & Press are dead.

Assange has been sold to the England & USA governments…

FREEDOM OF PRESS, SPEECH, HUMAN RIGHTS just went down the drain.


Ecuador received a $1 BILLION LOAN from the IMF & siddenly Assange is not longer wanted. Well actually it started a little over a year ago with the President of Ecuador changing.

But yep, Anonymous did not do anything for Assange, a loose knit group “Proud of not being Organized to do anything in the OPEN.”



So what the heck, I guess in a sideways glance, that Bible says 2 TRUTH WITNESSES WOULD DIE & the Evil Empire was responsible. It appears to be happening, I do not expect to see Assange ever free or In Public again. Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, Leonard Peltier, & even myself are in some kind of prison now.

Day 143 in here locked inside my apt in San Juan de los Lagos, Jal., Mx where they kill investigative photojournalists for fun & PROFIT. I was told I would never leave this town with my equipment 3 years ago & so far that has been true. They KILL WITH VATICAN-CARTEL APPROVAL OF A FAKED MIRACLE, a circus act to fool poor peasants into paying for prayers…

The Masses do not care either about the faked religions OR FOR HUMAN LIFE.


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