20190412: Reflections, Trees & river of San Juan de los Lagos, Jal., MX

Just one of those days, a photograph I took months ago & never did the post of.

So “Reflections” is an appropriate title to remember when 141days ago I could go outside & see sunshine, here in San Juan de los Lagos, Jal., MX. A city that now wants to openly kill me

20181009 Mex stone & street-4905_BE

Again, as in the previous post on leading lines, I wandered back & forth to find a nice composition & the bright tree in the middle of the foreground captures the eye.

The dark foreground trees then capture the eyes as you go down the bright tree & are drawn to the right side, then you follow it down to the river and & follow the line of trees back downstream.

The darker trees on either side of the image “frame” the composition.

Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2019

As always I am a independent Investigative photojournalist who works for the “Spiritual Realm” more than humans & I am now looking for an “EXIT” from this murdering FOR PROFIT city in Mexico where they kill journalists & photojournalists JUST FOR FUN!

San Juan de los Lagos doesn’t like the fact I exposed their Vatican APPROVED MIRACLE for the circus act it is AND THE LOCALS DO NOT EVEN BELIEVE IN GOD OR El Cristo as a Living Spiritual ENTITY. It is just plastic DOLL THEY SELL FOR PROFITS!


Support the War to Survive Effort,
#OccupyISS_IntSpaceStation & #OccupyISS is my Revolution to save life.
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20190216 White Horseman cover

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