20190412: Never Stop Learning & Picasso said it too! Day 141 Still Learning too!

It is an old saying, from my studying Taoism as well as just something I learned or “Gut Feeling” training as a small child,

“NEVER STOP LEARNING” because that is the “Key” the the Meaning of Life!


So many people around me in life, STOP learning, stop caring & close their minds.

I have watched USA Republicians/Democrats talk of “How open minded they are as they demand Censorship, then a couple months later, they are posting against censorship.

However, NEITHER OF THOSE KIND OF PEOPLE SPEAK OUT against the corruption so blatantly shown the USA people in daily life.


The arrest of Assange makes that obvious, Chelsea Manning also arrested again, Snowden still in hiding are all signs of a corruption system WELL STABILIZED in a society.

So yeah, most people STOP LEARNING as soon as possible.

Like the Ph.D person who gets out of college & hangs it on a wall to “Display” but then declares they “Know it all”. Yet quickly are proven they do not.

At 61 years old, I have never stopped learning. Just as I started out with a plastic Japanese made camera in 1962, in the 1990s I was looking & learning digital photography. I was 1st learning of it in the 1980s from photography friends who were doing the “school training” of it. 1988 I became a Photo Editor for 6 newspapers under one publishing house, so yes I too had to embrace it.

At 1st I was a “Filmy person” & laid out a business of only doing film photography. But as I got into it & saw the future of it, PLUS THE ADVANTAGE of digital production over wet darkroom hours to make a single print & hen repeat that “artistic process”.

I SIMPLY EMBRACED THE DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHIC WORLD & have always been learning every since.

As a Independent Investigative Photojournalist, my life depends of ability to show evidence repetitively. I am still alive in San Juan de los Lagos, Jal., MX where they kill for profit, stealing, lying, cheating in a city WITH A VATICAN-CARTEL APPROVED “FAKE MIRACLE”. And they have 300 years of Vatican APPROVAL!!

Shows why they do not CARE THEY ARE INSULTING their own God & Saint!


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