20190412: Leading Lines Photography another quick lesson. Day 141, alive & still teaching.

I have done several of these photographs lessons on “leading lines”.

Here is another, San Juan de los Lagos city photograph I took as part of that series. Fighting for my life in this town of thieves, cheats & murderers, it has just taken time to get back to it.

It is necessary lesson to learn in both Graphic Design & painting-photography, if you want someone to pay attention to the image, be it an advertising for a client or artwork to sell in a gallery, you need to keep the person’s attention.

That is the “job” of the use of “leading lines”,

20181009 Mex stone & street-4894_BE

As you can see, the river, the walls of the river channel & even the clouds “LEAD” the person’s eyes to look into the image & down the river & city along the channel.

Even the Clouds on the right side has a hook in the very distance, so that after the left cloud’s dark area & contrasts against the bright city under it, you are drawn back to the very depth of the photo to the bridge in the middle of the river channel.

In the Masters of painting & art schools these are the golden circle, triangle,


and in use of a master painting,

Golden circle demo

So the next time you take a photograph, be it a cellphone or a the most expensive camera available, think about your composition & what you want the viewer to pay attention to.

Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2019

20190216 White Horseman cover

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20190411 Mexican Crime figures

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