20190411: Old Door Way, Where does it lead? Day 140 & Still keeping busy, Alive!

Yes, a 140 days locking myself inside my apartment to keep the Mexicans who kill journalists & photojournalists for fun, corruption is protected from the top down.

Notice that all ready people are talking of the NEW President ALMO, just exchanging “his People” for the past people that he claimed are corrupt.

20190411 Mexican Crime figures

Any way, working on some posters, I was digging thru the files of photos I had shot here in San Juan de los Lagos Jal, MX and found this old door way. Way too much fun thinking of what might be behind it!

20181009 Mex stone & street-4875_BE

Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2019

As always I am a corruption fighting Independent Investigative Photojournalist!

And a little support, even just a hand clapping would be nice in a world full of corruption.


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20190216 White Horseman cover

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