20190410: AD Impastoshop Photoshop Add-On Painting Demo & Sample video

Well, like I said I began painting in the 1970s & was heavy into the brush work & palette knife styles, so here is a quick overview of this new program Ad Impastoshop.

It an add-on to Photoshop which comes with a variety of painting style options.

I used it to make the painting in this photographic -digital art collage.

20190409 Sailboat Grafitti_BE

A 14 minute video of me just giving a quick tour of the produce. My 1st time doing a video screen capture tutorial, so excuse the fumbling around some.


20190409 Sailboat Grafitti close up_BE

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Link to the Ad Impastoshop “Thick Paint Add-on to Photoshop”:


20190410 AS Impastoshop PS add-on

or a link to Creative Market to just sign up to get 6 free graphic goods every Monday:


Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2019

20190216 White Horseman cover

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