20190409: “Faux Graffiti, Sailing with the Wind!” Day 138, alive & creating in a NEW Direction!

OK, THIS is a Photoshop created painting, NOPE, not just clicking a button, but yes using a custom program for the paint effects.

Stroke by stroke I painted it. I painted with oils & acrylics for decades & love the heavy layered feel of real paintings.

I then needed a wall with some “Size feelings” to make it a nice large painting.

So I went through my photos of here in San Juan de los Lagos, Jal., MX  & my other photo ad graphics files to find an image that would work,. I have lots of brick and stone work walls but just a plain wall did not work. It just looked too small. Yet it needed the stonework feeling of graffiti work on a wall.

Then I remembered these shots of the town bridge & pulled up this one. Oh, course I do not think anyone in this San Juan city would know what a trimaran is, but I do love the overall effect I have achieved with my  “FAUX Graffiti Sailing with the Wind!” image.

20190409 Sailboat Grafitti_BE

Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2019

As always trying to survive, so if you need a creative person to do some work, I do remote work in a variety of styles.


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No, San Juan de los Lagos in 138 days has not killed me off yet. They are of course still trying. But I am a stubborn old Investigative photojournalist who knows a few tricks.

They have experience with uneducated peasants & pilgrims who are easy to fool, not someone who for 50 plus years has investigated corruption & heard a hell of a lot of lies.

Photo editing services, photographic work for sale & graphic design services offered as well of course, one must pay the bills.

20190216 White Horseman cover

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