20190408:Wanted for Removal from Office! 2020 USA Election Silly Season Poster. Day 137 still alive in here.

Yeah, some how I am still alive in San Juan de los Lagos, Jal., Mx and being creative. Just kind of weird waiting on the “Spiritual Realm” to find me an EXIT from a town using a “FAKED VATICAN APPROVED MIRACLE” to keep from getting murdered for exposing the scam!

Any way, my humor is still here & so is the creative side!

Another 2020 USA Election Silly Season poster,

“Wanted for Removal from Office.”

20190407 Wanted for Removal 2020 SillySeason

Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2019

And remember Mexico loves to kill journalists & photojournalists so yes, for having revealed that this town makes $10+ million USD per year off  a “FAKED MIRACLE”, I am not going outside my apt anymore.  Been inside a 137 Days since I have seen the sunshine, maybe 15 days since any food in here or more.

NOPE, I can’t expect any help from the corrupt Local police as they themselves have attacked me already…

20190404 Mexican corruption

Independent Investigative photojournalist is a very dangerous job. I have no one to run to like those corporation reporters.


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20190216 White Horseman cover

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