20190405: ALL LIFE MATTERS, Don’t Play Divide & Conquer. #occupyiss Day 134 alive & kicking, 2020 Election Silly Season poster.

Well, still designing & trying to make a difference in the world.

Another ANTI-DIVIDE & CONQUER 2020 USA Election “Silly” Season poster, Yes you can order a 300ppi printing file from me. Otherwise this screen image is there to re-use.

Few People understand that all the “Grouping of people & types of people” is a well orchestrated action by governments, churches & corporations. They want you to fight each other while they PROFIT OFF IT!!

ONE PLANET and ALL LIFE MATTERS, not just your favorite!


Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2019


I do have to admit having not had food in some 15 or more days, I am a bit hungry, eating energy from the “Spiritual Realm” is boring at best, but no one here has decided to prove they are NOT MURDERING THIEVES. San Juan de los Lagos, Jal., MX, a city that for 300 years has had the BLESSING OF THE VATICAN-CARTEL TO steal, lie, cheat & murder for monies both for the pockets of the town & the Church.

Support the War to Survive Effort,
#OccupyISS_IntSpaceStation & #OccupyISS is my Revolution to save life.
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20190216 White Horseman cover

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