20190404 2020 Election “Silly” Season Poster Chinese Saying. #occupyiss still alive & smiling.

Another poster, I studied Taoism in my early years.

I have never joined any religion but Taoism without the temples & fancy clothes or rituals is one of the best I ever found of a written spiritual practice.

I prefer pure “spiritual connection” as a practice.

It is more about being connected & less of DOING WHAT EVER ONE IS IS DOING.

Any way another 2020 Election Silly Season poster.

Enjoy, as I am in my 133 Day of captivity in this apartment trying to keep faith in the “Spiritual Realm” who has always given me an exit from any job of “Nasty & dirty corruption to investigate”. So I am waiting for my EXIT out of this San Juan de los Lagos Jal., Mx town that has for 300 years had Vatican Approval to use stealing, lying, cheating, even murder & insulting their own God & Saints to make materialism money.


By the way, just like USA corruption is from the TOP DOWN,

20190404 Mexican corruption

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20190216 White Horseman cover

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