20190327: Another 2020 Election Silly season Poster. Day 126, cooling my heels But still alive!

OK, life is a gamble. You lay down to sleep whether for a nap or 8hrs, you are gambling that YOU will wake up again.

So just the idea of living is a gamble. Day 126, no one has tried anything YET, for or against my survival as the month comes to a close.

I try to wake people up, all my life, Ha Ha!


In 1970 I realized the media CIRCUS game of elections & never joined those Dems & Reps AND SLEEPING PUBLIC MASSES in their blind sheep behavior.

It has been a tough life I have & my body is broken & scarred in many places from it.

But in the longer view of my life, it has been worth it.

Not some boring life, but a life filled with adventures & people telling me I should write a book about it.


So hanging out in a town that desires to steal everything I own, even if they have to kill me. Listening almost every day to some San Juan de los Lagos person tell me how the “ONLY REASON I AM HERE IS FOR THEM TO GET FREE MONEY!”

San Juan de los Lagos, Jalisco, Mexico is a town that claims to worship “God” and decent behavior…

Such is that path that real spiritual people take, we walk through the crap of the societies of asleep people & try to clean things up.

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