20190224: Happy Birthday to my son. #occupyiss_intspacestation still alive Day 93

OK, so my son was stole from me in 2003 at 12 years old. Governments will do anything to hurt corruption fighters.

In the years since he turned 18 he has talked to me twice on the phone & came to my step-dad’s 90th birthday party who obvious has no genetic connection to my son & spoke to me for less than 2 hours (including an 1hr plus of Ben to & from the airport) before flying back out of the state after a 22 hour stay in town.

No Xmas wishes, no Happy Father’s day wishes, one birthday card in over 15 years… just a couple of emails.

Yeah, some children remember what a parent’s love is all about… the door is always open for him & he once told me he REMEMBERS THAT I WAS THE ONE PERSON THAT WAS NEVER ABUSIVE TO HIM, in one of those emails.

Any way, I designed this card for him this year to tease him & sent it too him. I also gave him some ebooks on programming games as he loves computers from having spent his youth sitting on Dad’s lap (6 months old>) at the computer & playing on Dad’s computers till he was stole from me.

Any way, should you need a card for some special event designed remember me if you can.


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