20190219: MATH of ESP When People never learn, they repeat the past. Day 88 #occupyiss Still Living

Got to point out, why I spoke of the Elite Rich not learning & therefore they would NOT GET OFF THE PLANET IN TIME TO SURVIVE!

Kind of funny but so many people have spoken of learning from history & so many humans just flat out deny that the past has anything to do with their behavior.

learn from history or Doom

So I did a video of that issue which makes perfect sense within the MATH of ESP mathematics. Self fulfilling prophecy of denial of reality is what so many of the human prophecies are about, regardless of religion, continent or even looking back 15,000+ years of history & prophecy.

A short list of some of the things though out my life of being correct about.

20190216 Listing WINS occupyiss

a 15 minute video:

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20190216 White Horseman cover

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