20190218: 700km DEEP Earthquake as forecast in 2016 #occupyiss wins again video

Yes, in 2015 & 2016 I started to talk of how the tectonic plates are going to be moving like humans have never seen before.

In 2016, I began posting in chat rooms, my blog & other places of the earthquakes hitting 700+km deep. AND THINGS WOULD GET VERY INTERESTING at that point.

Well, here is the event,

20190217 1st 700km DEEP EQUAKE02

So a projection some 3 years ago has hit for possible the recorded 1st time & basing the current activity of the earthquakes & volcanoes the prospects for more is much greater.

While surface damage will be minimum in the smaller earthquakes, major tectonic plate movement is happening if this are going on.

Everywhere you look things are going from BAD TO WORSE to being between a rock & a big boulder.

Even the USA government is scared of these news events getting out, more seismic sensors are being taken off-line from public access.

More of the weather news is avoiding what & who is losing big time & “OH THIS IS NORMAL” is coming out of the Mass Public News so much that the independent news reporting stations are doubling up in laughter.

and USA is scared of me now too & interfering with my blog & other internet feeds.

20190216 Listing WINS occupyiss

As you can see from the other video I did on wins the USA government is DOES NOT WANT ME TALKING OF HOW OFTEN I win in life. This screen shot was the whole video & gee NO one looked at it when my site was averaging 60 to 80 views per post!!

Ha ha, governments are so stupid they think I would not notice that someone interfered with something and changed the DEMOGRAPHIC NUMBER I PRODUCE on a normal blog post.

#occupyiss_intspacestation when survival counts

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20190216 White Horseman cover

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