20190216: MATH of ESP: When you KNOW someone is censoring your DATA stream…

Some times governments are so dumb, they do something and whoops, it backfires!

Someone is blocking MY KNOWING HOW MANY VIEWS I am getting on my blog post.

But notice the trend of the past week plus, every time I post I get 60 to 80+ views.

20190216 When you know its BLOCKED_02

and as you can see, THE “day” of the POST has zero views!! Yet it is 8 hours old…

20190216 When you know its BLOCKED_03

so yes, here is the stats page!

20190216 when you know its BLOCKED

No stats available, sure no views no stats. But WHY would it suddenly change “Demographic DATA Behavior” on a Blog Post about the series of WINNING all my life??

20190216 Listing WINS occupyiss

A screen shot from the previous post with the video in it of me telling my life of 59 years of successes.

Yep someone is pissing on themselves trying to hurt me.

Such is life for them.

I survive & continue to do my “Job” whether they like it or not.


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