20190216: MATH of ESP Day 85 Mentally Imaging your Success is internal programming #occupyiss Still Alive & fighting video.

OK, so going down an incomplete list of my accomplishments that prove to ME I can beat the odds.

From 1960 to 2019, I simply KEEP WINNING…

20151011 Peter drives Indy car A-PracticeCertificate

So it is OBVIOUS that the mental image you carry is IMPORTANT!

No Successful person will tell you that they “GOT AHEAD & WON” by giving up to the same old thing,

You have to see the “Light At the Other End of that dark lonely Tunnel” of hard work & perseverance to get a invention, or business or DREAM built into the Reality of their LIFE!

Desert Queen Mine entrance_MG_8518textimagekeepdiggingFB

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20181220 White Horseman cover

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