20190210: Day 79, still alive & meditating #occupyiss video proving MATH of ESP??

Well, I am alive & on my last few days of food.

Still in a good mood & meditating for the star ship Jewel-Li to appear. After all what else can I do.

San Juan de los Lagos, Jal. MX has for almost 400 yrs made money off the faked circus act as a “MIRACLE”. Some 200 million Pesos per year & VATICAN approved even!

Yeah, I am not leaving this town alive except to be killed outside of town like Mexicans do!

Forward TWO-THIRDS Captains Ready RoomwithTORUS05POT_FB

yes, I added some more food & other adjustments, an artist is always tinkering to make it better!! ha ha

and i realized I forgot to put a pipe in Gandalf’s hand, so with more additions and a pipe


I do plan to work this image even more, so updates on my nickname Gandalf image coming.

A short talk of “Spiritual Behavior” as I am still alive & doing the heavy meditation to use Math of ESP to bring my Star Ship into existence.

What can I say, IT’S BETTER than praying for a heaven “TO Go To” after giving up & dying. At least I am fighting, resisting!!!

Day 78 & at least a neutral mood, But I can still laugh & enjoy the battle.
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20181220 White Horseman cover

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