20190206: 2/3s Forward Captain’s Ready Room & Smoke Room Day 75 #occupyiss is alive

Why fly, if you don’t get high enough??

Ha ha, a little more formal an entry from the garden & I do love real wood walls.

Just had to change it as I spend time working on the Star Ship Jewel-Li as my home for another 30 to 50 years.

The shaman in ME loved the idea of this as an entry.

Forward TWO-THIRDS Captains Ready RoomwithTORUS05POTFB

As for the shaman comment, well if anyone knows that religions get created by people doing long hauls of time in extreme conditions, i.e. trances, fasts, retreats into nature.

So if I am with out food coming in, I am without conversation with logical thinking people & I am meditating on folding space like a “Navigator in Dune”, then yes I do qualify as a shaman.

Day  75 of locking out the Mexican Police here in San Juan de los Lagos, Jal. MX where killing to steal is VATICAN-MAFIA approved, so if the “Spiritual Realm” sent me here, well I guess miracles & magic are QUITE proper to use.

As I have had so many wizard names over the years, yes magic of every level has happened around me. So while you folks do not understand magic, I do.

Since the world is in the middle of so many prophetic events happening, you might want to increase the reading list of your current knowledge base.

Just saying.

Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2018

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20181220 White Horseman cover

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