20190202: Brunch time in 2/3s Forward Ready Room! #occuyiss still Alive on Day 71

Tomorrow is Super Bowl day so no one “In USA” is paying attention to people & outside that game. Even others around the world maybe watching it too.

I stopped watching it when all the flak about Colin Kaepernick got heated few years back.

I agree with Colin’s decision & give respect to Indigenous People & those abused by the 1% ELITE RICH for War mongering Profit.

Remember, ALL MONIES ARE HUMAN INVENTIONS… or a single concept of a invention.

You do not see wolves or mosquitoes PAYING RENT TO BREATHE THE AIR, live on land or find food.

20151120 Emerging Moon-4207-Let the light shine2019FB

Any way, I am running low on food after 71 Days of #occupyiss_intspacestation & not much of any supplies incoming.

So I did a brunch for myself in 2/3s Forward Captain’s Ready Room. Now you can see why my “Private” Ready Room has a huge table. 51 years of cooking in kitchens & over 15 yrs employee or owner of food service. Yeah, I like to make a nice spread to nibble on!!

MY Star Ship is my home for the remainder of my life & after discomfort of the humans on this planet, be it a conference of people in the room or just me enjoying the sights I find in the Milky Way, comfort will be there.

p.s. on the that thought, NOW YOU understand why movies KEEP MILITARY SPARTAN rockets & star ships in science-fiction movies. If you stop to think of it as a home for SETTLERS, you would see the freedom of space AND THE DEATH TRAP OF 1% ELITE RICH games…

Forward TWO-THIRDS Captains Ready RoomwithTORUSMOON04FB

Enjoy the game tomorrow for those who are watching it. Of you want to play another game, try to guess how many “DIFFERENT photo pieces” I used to make this 2/3s Forward Ready Room & Brunch scene. I had someone try to tell me I just did not KNOW ENOUGH TO KNOW FAKED images. hum…

Maybe a free image design & digital file sent to the winner for their use, commercial or private. Limited to 20hrs work on my part. About 100hrs in this image of 2/3s Forward Ready Room.

As the PRIZE of guessing, I am not going to include having to know the “Tricks I used if a single part is repeated”, i.e. wheat rolls is 3 images of the same set of rolls. So it would count as one image. So the one that comes closest “WITHIN 2 TO 3 IMAGES” wins!

Leave you ENTRY in the comments below.

The Rest of the World PLEASE CONTINUE TO UNITE! It is the only chance you have, ONLY 3% has EVER BEEN NEEDED TO CHANGE IT & even the Spiritual Realm entities understand that they should have done more to help HUMANS LEARN INSTEAD OF MURDERING THEIR Living Environment.

You HAVE NOT KILLED THE PLANET, it has a long time more to Constantly change. But the living environment is destroyed as far as humans are concerned & that most all life on the planet is now doom.

tesla prediction

Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2018

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20181220 White Horseman cover

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