20190131: #occupyiss Star Ship Jewel-Li shaping up in images to travel the universe on Day 69

# Occupyiss_intspacestation my revolution & Since I have to carry cargo SAMPLES of this planet’s life forms, plus travel for 25 to 50 years on it, YES she is a large star ship, My Jewel-Li.

tesla prediction


Readers of Heinlein, Asimov and a few other of the “Self-Aware Computer” science-fiction people can begin to imagine what all Jewel-Li is to me.

And what all she is capable of doing when you add in the Star Trek high tech & Star Wars/science-fiction movies Tech levels as well. Overall length is 23 miles long.


1960 contract with the “SPIRITUAL REALM” of my Star Ship was she would be everything I had read, seen or dreamed of being in a single Star Cruising vessel with the cargo of whatever life we could rescue off the Planet Earth.

Yes, those globes are of sea/water life, after all humans may want to claim the sea creatures have no interest in seeing the stars, but as a very spiritual person,


So yeah, I plan on giving lots of views of the universe to ALL LIFE.

2/3s Forward Captain’s Ready Room

my star ship-concept-final-blueiss_fbbeyond

Tight maneuvering of the ship means having a good vantage piloting & guidance capsule.

domewindowsfor greenhouse_02fb

Lots of room for earth type environmental compartments as well.

quite a bit of a difference from what this ISS is right now, but the power of a wizard of “spiritual Magic” & a job to do, I build to complete the job.

after all the International Space Station is 36 years old & STILL INHABITED & WORKING & aside of the sniveling & political bickering WELL WITHIN MY DESIGNED IDEAS!!

My creations to like to live a long time.

ISS_science_facilities & ISS occupyISS_FB

Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2018

Support the War to Survive Effort,
#OccupyISS_IntSpaceStation & #OccupyISS is my Revolution to save life.
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20181220 White Horseman cover

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