20181221: San Juan de los Lagos, Jal. Mx a Vatican Approved Saint Miracle MURDER FOR PROFIT TOWN.

Well, I am still alive at the moment, a “Investigative Photojournalist on the job again” with death at his door!


1000s of these BLUE PLASTIC DOLLS sold every year as a “CONNECTION to a Saint” blessed by the Vatican-Mafia it’s self.

when a group of rich people

VATICAN APPROVAL for a circus act performed by the TOWN ELITE RICH IN 1632, to STEAL MONIES from peasants & pay the Vatican BACK FOR HIRING MERCENARIES TO KILL off the Indigenous people & rape whatever they can get in the NEW LANDS.

Shot in 2017 as the TOWN PARTIED IT UP after another successful year of stealing & killing people for money.

Yes my life is on the line right now…

20181128 lock down 1st Aid-groupFB

27 days ago I fought off the Mexican Police & published the story…

Obviously with Xmas at hand, NO  ONE CARES…

20181220 lock down finger 1st Aid-5175FB

My nearly severed off finger is healing fine, but food is running low & I can not LEAVE MY APT unless I wish to be killed!

so Merry Xmas folks!

!2016 San Juan Feliz Navidad BFB

Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2018


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