20181221: MATH of ESP Day 26 Update, progress & thoughts. Video w/ hands healing.

It is sad to see so many want to wait for someone else to clean up after them…

and No, San Juan de los Lagos, Jalisco, Mx, is NOT THE PLACE TO COME SPEND XMAS…

some photos of my hands to show they are in fact healing just fine, no infections.

Bent and damaged yes, but healing otherwise.

20181220 lock down finger 1st Aid-5175FB

20181220 lock down finger 1st Aid-5173FB

as you can see the cut goes half way thru the finger & the knuckle stopped it from being totally severed.

20181220 lock down finger 1st Aid-5172FB

on the right hand, smashed knuckles on top to produce a bent finger as well.

20181220 lock down finger 1st Aid-5178FB

20181220 lock down finger 1st Aid-5176FB

But fro the moment I survive & continue to fight from the LEGAL END OF THINGS!

20181220 White Horseman cover

including showing how the Rev. 19:11 while applying to me “COULD POSSIBLE” just mean an “Honest & VERY GOOD LAWYER” & a spiritual mark as well.

Rev. 2:17 just means I am connected to ALL OF THE SPIRITUAL REALM, not just one favorite God Name or God/Spirit.

Makes easy to see why i don’t like “RELIGIOUS PEOPLE who claim there is NO GOD, JUST A MONEY MACHINE!”

I walk with real Gods/Spirits & they do not TEACH ARROGANCE IS GOOD.

Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2018

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