20181217: Day 24 #Occupyiss with another “In Depth Report” The 23rd report Pt 2346

Yes, 23 is the number I love to play games with since learning it was the Illuminati Prime number of at least one group of people.

However, as you can the numbers have TURNED AROUND.

Those folks thinking they could just hide like rats in caves, now understand that the tectonic plates are ALL MOVING & nothing is safe.

Plus everywhere are those nuclear power plants with WAY, WAY, TOO much waste fuel laying around!

world map of nuke power plants

where do you hide from a planet WIDE INVISIBLE KILLER??


and what part of USA is getting the WORST OF THOSE SEVERE WEATHER SYSTEMS??

20181208 SO2 map of world

Does a revolution sound just BIT MORE LOGICAL??

Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2018

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